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Who we are

The Honeywell Retiree Social Club of Arizona (HRSC) is a 501(c)(7) nonprofit that extends a warm welcome to all Honeywell retirees who worked for Honeywell in the state of Arizona. This includes retirees from organizations that merged with Honeywell or were at one point part of Honeywell; for example, see the logos in the header above. Our purpose is to help you maintain contact with your retired Honeywell associates and to provide a variety of information and activities of interest. Click the red About Us button above for more information.

An important message from your club president



The Honeywell Retiree Social Club (HRSC) has been around for many years. During the past months we have made a lot of progress towards the merger between the HRSC and AAC clubs. Subcommittees were formed to address the business side of the club which has been very successful so far. One of our recent accomplishments was that we have decided on a new name for the merged club which is Honeywell Retiree and Activities Club (HRAC). We still have more work ahead of us but are moving forward. We met our formal merger deadline of April 30th.  

Website merger activity continues, and you will start to find that some left-side buttons will automatically re-direct you to the equivalent page at the merged site.

We also want to reassure our HRSC members that your membership will automatically be transferred to the new club. Also, when your membership is up for renewal, you will be able to renew your membership following the same process as before.
The renewal form may look a little different but the renewal process will remain the same.


Mary Barkl, President HRSC







The Bridge
The Bridge
Are you receiving your monthly eBridge emails? If not, see spam tips, or seek help from hotline@hrcaz.org, but NOT from the president or Bridge editor.
Quill writing
Write to us!

Members would like to read about your time at Honeywell, GE, Sperry, Bull, Garrett, AlliedSignal, etc.—what did you work on? With whom did you work? Your story can bring back many memories for your fellow members.
They would also like to know what you and/or your Honeywell colleagues have been up to since you left Honeywell, or recently. Any format, style or length is fine; with or without photos.

Please send your inputs to bridge_editor@hrcaz.org. (Do not use this address for other topics, such as the website—use hotline@hrcaz.org.) And PLEASE DO NOT USE IT FOR CONTACT INFO CHANGES—use the Membership Application/Renewal/Change button at upper-left.

NOTE: bridge_editor@hrcaz.org is for members only; unsolicited articles or links from nonmembers are treated as junk mail.

Page Update frequency

The Event Schedule is updated each time the Bridge is published, and whenever event updates are received at hotline@hrcaz.org.
The ARCHIVES page is updated approximately  monthly during the active part of the club year. It contains a variety of recent and memory-lane items, including back issues of the online Bridge, photo galleries, minutes of board meetings and reports from the treasurer  and website manager. Also see  captures of the entire website going back to 2003.

Occasional updates are made to:

  • The USEFUL LINKS page, which has information on other Honeywell retiree clubs, senior discounts, medical & health (including resources to help with medical insurance problems) and genealogy, as well as a Honeywell dashboard with a variety of information about the company\97financial news, general news and patents.
  • The PHOENIX AREA ATTRACTIONS page, which has information on a wide variety of local attractions, parks & preserves, spectator sports, performing arts, cultural history, museums, art galleries, and, of course "miscellaneous."
See the Site Map for an overview of all the information on this website.

Please let us know at
hotline@hrcaz.org, if you have any suggestions for additions or improvements  to any of these pages, or if you find something that needs correcting.

If you have questions or suggestions, please contact us at

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