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Retiree Clubs and Retiree Information

Honeywell International Retiree Page for retired USA Employees

NOTE: Effective August 2019, the Garrett retiree club changed its name from "Garrett Retirees' Club" to "Honeywell-Garrett Retirees Club."

The Honeywell-Garrett Retirees Club of Arizona website
The Honeywell-Garrett Retirees Club of Arizona, PO Box 11633, Scottsdale, AZ 85271-1633

NOTE: Effective December 1, 2018, the Sperry retiree club changed its name from "Sperry Retiree Club" to "Aero Activities Club."

Aero Activities Club website

Honeywell/AlliedSignal Retirees (Northeast Metropolitan Region)

A wide range of Honeywell and partner retiree discounts from Honeywell-sponsored BENEPLACE, including entertainment, automotive, electronics, travel and much more.

Arizona Alliance for Retired Americans

Information for Financial Problems with Businesses

Is a business treating you unfairly or dishonestly, or just ignoring you? One of these links might help you find a solution.

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau  (CFPB)

File a complaint with the CFPB.

File a complaint with the FTC.

File a complaint at USA.gov.

Genealogy Sites
(Originally from an HRSC genealogy seminar. It is suggested that beginners first read the two brief overview guides that start the list of links below, and/or the two more detailed guides that follow them.)

Ultimate-genealogy-guide (Brief overview and guide.)

History at Home: A Guide to Genealogy (Brief overview and list of resources.)

Ultimate beginners guide to genealogy
(Overview of genealogy searching, with summary of many places to search, including main online tools.)

(Detailed overview of genealogy searching, with some useful links.)

Family Tree Magazine list of 25 best genealogy websites for beginners

Ancestry.com  myheritage.com  FamilySearch.org  findmypast.com
(The big four genealogy websites.)

US GenWeb  FindAGrave.com  FamilySearch.org  Fultonhistory.com
(The top four free genealogy websites.)

Rootsweb.com  (Connecting people searching for genealogical information.)

usgennet.org    (Data repository by state)

interment.net/us/index.htm  (Cemetery records)

Senior Discounts  (NOT verified, and some information may be out-of-date, but there are some good deals in there!

See also Honeywell retiree BENEPLACE discounts on the left side of this page.

Top 10 senior discounts in Phoenix

Dealhack—List of senior discounts for restaurants, retail, travel, hotel, car rental, automotive, groceries, health & wellness, banking, theatre & cinema, education, technology, pet, recreation, vision, genealogy, misc. Discounts listed by age; 50+, 55+, 60+, 62+ and 65+.

Brad's Deals—List of senior discounts for restaurants, retail & clothing, groceries, travel, entertainment & misc.

Arizona Senior Citizen Discount List—List of senior discounts (Restaurants, retail, grocery, travel)

The Senior List—List of miscellaneous senior discounts
Phoenix attractions pass  (Not senior-specific)
Medical & Health Information

The Health & Human Services website

The American Academy of Audiology for information on hearing loss

BenefitsCheckUp is from the National Council on the Aging. It finds programs for people 55+ that pay for some of their prescription drugs, health care, utilities, and other essentials.

Mesothelioma mainly affects older people, and the main cause is asbestos. Be wary if approached by a lawyer.

American Cancer Society information on mesothelioma

Mesothelioma Applied Research Foundation (Non-profit)

Resources for Members with Medical Insurance Problems
  1. Call the insurance company and ask to be transferred to the social/case worker. (Most companies have one.) Even if they do not resolve the problem, note down all relevant information to be used in your discussions with other agencies, including the date, the name of the person you spoke with, the company’s view of the problem, and their reason for not resolving it.
  2. If you live in Arizona, do one of the following as your next step to get assistance:
  3. For further resources, or if you live out of state, go to the national Eldercare Locator website at https://eldercare.acl.gov/Public/Index.aspx, enter your Zip code or city, then go through the resulting list of agencies looking for the “Health Insurance Counseling” category to find relevant agencies—typically the Area Agency on Aging for major urban areas. (There may be other categories relevant to your specific need, for example Disability, Legal and Long-term Care which you can also use where helpful.)
  4. If you still have questions about your problem or the right agency for it, call Eldercare at 800-677-1116. They can give informational help and suggest the best agency for you to contact.
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Honeywell News USA Patent Applications
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Press Releases USA Patent Issues (Grants)
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Notes on Patent Searches

(1) If you want to see if one of your buddies still working at Honeywell has generated any patents recently, add to the search field shown on the results page as follows: AN/Honeywell AND IN/buddyname

(2) If you want to check older patents assigned to AlliedSignal, Sperry, Garrett, etc., change the search to, for example: AN/"Sperry Corporation" OR AN/"Garrett Corporation"

(3) Quotation marks must be straight; not curved! (Some browsers change straight ones to curved ones.)

(4) Results are returned with the most recent first in most cases.
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