Spam tips for readers of the eBridge

Please report eBridge delivery problems to, NOT the president or Bridge editor.


eBridge delivery may be prevented by increasingly restrictive spam filters, especially in your mail provider's incoming mail server and in the mail app on your computer if you use one. You can access your mail provider's mail server by using the webmail interface they supply, such as,,, or You can also optionally access it by using a mail app on your computer, which may not be from your mail provider; for example, you might have a Cox, Gmail or Yahoo mail account, but use Outlook, Windows Mail, or Apple Mail as your mail app. Each has its own spam filtering, so you need to go to each to look for your eBridge in the spam/junk folder, and to prevent your eBridge from being blocked.


(A) Try to find a missing eBridge email.

If your eBridge does not arrive by mid-month, and there is no notice of delay on our website home page, look in the spam/junk and trash folders both in your mail provider's webmail, and in your mail app if you use one. If you find it, mark it as not spam and/or move it to the inbox to "train" the spam filter to allow messages from this address.
If your mail is sorted into tabs or folders such as Outlook's "focused" "other" and "clutter," look in these too.

If you do not find it, try webmail on a different computing device, such as desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone, and/or try a different browser.

(B) Proactive steps.

To reduce the chances of an eBridge being blocked by your mail provider's spam filter on their mail server, do the following:

(1) Go to webmail and put in your mail account's contacts and allow list, AKA safe or trusted senders list or white list.

(2) Check it is not on your blocked senders list.

(3) Ensure your mail account is not set to delete suspected spam without telling you.

(4)Ensure there is a long delay before trash or spam folders are emptied so you have time to find a missing eBridge. AOL fixes these at 7 and 30 days respectively, but 30 days for both is better for finding missing emails, and some mail systems let the user choose.

(5) Set a mail rule to deliver mail from to your inbox.

Then, if you use a mail app, repeat all five steps in it too.

Ample advice is available, such as, which has instructions for most mail providers, although it is not well maintained. (Scroll to find your provider's icon; don't use the search.)

finally, if you have a firewall such as microsoft/Windows Defender, or anti-virus software such as Mcafee or Norton, ensure it is not set up so it could block email you want to receive.

If you still don't get your eBridge, or if you don't understand these tips, please ask for help.