About Us

The Honeywell Retiree Social Club of Arizona (HRSC) is a 501(c)(7) nonprofit that extends a warm welcome to all Honeywell retirees who worked for Honeywell in the state of Arizona. This includes retirees from organizations that merged with Honeywell or were at one point part of Honeywell; for example, see the logos in the header above. Our purpose is to help you maintain contact with your retired Honeywell associates and to provide a variety of information and activities of interest. 

To do this, HRSC provides many social activities so that friendships can be renewed and maintained on a regular basis. These include picnics, luncheons, horse race meetings, golf outings, tours, cruises, trips, museum visits, and lecture/discussion meetings on a variety of subjects. 

Many people have fond memories of interaction with their associates and loss of contact with them is one of the drawbacks of retirement. We encourage all retirees to participate in these activities and share memories in The Bridge newsletter to renew, maintain and expand contact with people they have come to know well over the years and to form new friendships with others in the Honeywell family.

HRSC publishes a newsletter, The Bridge, 9 times a year, which is distributed to members in electronic form, and in paper form for members unable to receive email. Membership costs $5 per year, and the membership year ends on April 30. To join, click the "Membership Application/Renewal/Change" button at the left side of this page, and pay by credit or debit card, PayPal, or Venmo.  (You will also be offered an option to pay by check.) Please consider paying for multiple years to save time and money for yourself and HRSC.  Honeywellers who leave Arizona after retirement are welcome to join or continue membership and receive The Bridge.

The club is a social network of Honeywell retirees and as such does not deal with pension, health care or other benefits. Please direct these questions to the Honeywell Retirement Service Center at 1 800 526 0744 or honeywell.com/retiree.

HRSC Mission Statement

HRSC is a social organization in Arizona for Honeywell International, Inc. retirees. This organization will be open without regard to prior class of employment, race, creed, sex or geographical residence.

HRSC will provide program activities, programs (such as Fix-It Guys) and projects of interest to retirees and spouses. It will facilitate effective communications between members, other Honeywell retiree clubs and Honeywell International, Inc.  It will provide opportunities to renew acquaintances and promote fellowship among retirees, and will assist retirees in maintaining and enhancing the image of Honeywell International, Inc., in the eyes of the public.

These are the kinds of activities that HRSC has:

Alaska Cruise Golden Princess Oktoberfest 2012
                        Airlines Maintenance Tour Group Ken Follet
                        & Book
                        Dinner-Dance Horses
MIM Visit Commemorative Air Force visit

See photos of past events such as the March 7, 2022 IAC Ole Timers' lunch, the April 25, 2019 HRSC-AAC Spring Picnic, the September 11, 2019 IAC Ole Timers Lunch and List of Attendees, the October 23, 2019 Oktoberfest the November 12, 2019 seven-day California Coastal Cruise, and the December 11, 2019 IAC Ole Timers lunch and List of Attendees.
look in back numbers of the online Bridge and the 2014-onwards photo gallery (includes photos not in the Bridge) on the ARCHIVES page if you want to see older photos.