Apr 2019

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Newsletter of the

Honeywell Retiree Social Club of Arizona

NOTE: This online version is a reformatted sub-set of the full version sent to paid-up members, with updates to event information since the Bridge was distributed.

For example, it does not contain names of recent retirees, new members, or members who have passed away, nor does it contain the list of member email addresses which is sent out from time to time.

There will typically be a delay of a week or so before a new month's version is posted here—if you want to get the Bridge as it comes off the press, become a member and request the full-color PDF version, the eBridge, which is sent by email and can be received wherever you may be, unlike the paper version. Note that Honeywell outsources the distribution of the black-and-white paper Bridge. It is typically delivered one to two weeks after the PDF eBridge is delivered by email, so apart from news being a little old, members receiving only the paper copy may miss out on first come, first served signup for upcoming events.

Regular Sections
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President's Perspective

From the Editor

Fix-It Guys


Reports & Photos of Past Events  (Index)

Upcoming Events  (Index)

Recurring Lunches for sub groups:
Honeywell IAC Ole Timers
Bull Old-Timers Lunch Bunch
The Honey-Bunch-Lunchers

President's Perspective

Mary Barkl

The Spring Picnic is just around the corner! We are hoping to see you there. If this weather holds as it did last year it should be a wonderful get together with all. Don’t forget we are having a Book Exchange, a Canned Food Drive, and we are counting on you to bring your favorite potluck dish. The clubs will be serving hamburger and brats with the fixings. It is on the west side this year so we hope to see more of you there. Remember, no cost to you, just your favorite dish. If you plan to attend, please give Mary a call at 480-580-5585 or send her an email at mbarkl@cox.net.

It is that time of the year again where we are recruiting new Board members. We meet 7 to 9 times a year to plan upcoming events. It is lots of fun to participate and not a lot of required hours for you to volunteer. So come and join us in the planning, we would love to have you!

Once again, thanks to all of you who responded to our survey. You should have already seen items in the March Bridge that you were asking for. We are also planning what we will add over the next year based on your survey responses. Remember, if you think of additional items for improvement of the Bridge or additional events you would like to see, please send your thoughts to any of your Board members or through our HRSC Email: Hotline@hrcaz.org.

Also, we hope you have enjoyed the articles that have been provided by the students who received our scholarships. The Scholarship Board is also looking for volunteers to manage the scholarship program. If you have children or grandchildren coming up and planning to attend college, you may want to join that board to make sure that it is kept going. It has been very successful since we created the program to be tax free and include more than a couple of students. Since the new program started, many more of our students have received funding.

See you at the park in April.

Regards, Mary

The Br
The Bridge

Thank you all for your support!

The Bridge

    • Honeywell Bridge Editor Bridge_Editor@hrcaz.org
    • Honeywell Retiree Social Club (HRSC) Website: www.hrcaz.org
    • HRSC Email: Hotline@hrcaz.org
    • Honeywell Retiree Social Club, 1860 W. Rose Garden Lane, Phoenix, AZ 85027-2704
    • Honeywell Retiree Benefits: 1-877-258-3699 - www.honeywell.com/retiree/
    • The Bridge- Published monthly except for June, July, and August
    • HRSC Annual dues: $5.00 (multiple year memberships recommended)

The Bridge

Club Leader Contacts

Officers - Voting

Directors - Voting

Mary Barkl - President
Kevin Harris (2019)*
Rick Carter – Vice President
602 920-6044
Gaylord “Brock” Brockway (2019)*
Doug Metzger - Treasurer
Jim Redmond (2019)*
Vacant - Secretary

Barbara Rippstein (2020)*
Unfilled Past Vice President - Vacant

Cheryl Wiley (2021)*

Vacant Director Position

Staff Functions (Non-Voting)

Barbara Rippstein – Travel Coordinator
Rick Carter - Photographer
602 920-6044
Ted Rees – Membership Secretary
Kevin Harris - Webmaster
Kay Nye - Bridge Editor
Warren Koepsel - Fix It Guys Coordinator
Jim Redmond - Scholarship Foundation Chair

  *Directors have a three-year term expiration date, staggered to have two directors per year.
  Officers have a two-year term.

The Bridge

HRSC Survey Final Results
April 2019

Thanks to everyone for your support and participation in the HRSC survey. We really appreciate your input and suggestions. Several of the Board and Staff members reviewed the responses focusing on the primary concerns expressed by the HRSC members. The participants were Doug Metzger, Rick Carter, Brock Brockway, Kay Nye, Kevin Harris, Barbara Rippstein, and Mary Barkl. The majority of the responses was positive and one of the main findings was that the members are happy with the current Bridge. Many of the members expressed the same concerns and suggestions for improvement which we have addressed. Some of the suggestions have already been implemented and others are being reviewed for implementation at a later date.

Here are the results:

Currently Implemented

Concern: Not being able to readily get information on new retirees and recently passed members any more.
Resolution: Reiterated under the “From the Editor” section in the March Bridge that Honeywell will no longer supply this information. The solution is for all members to notify Mary Barkl if they know of new retirees and/or those who passed so it can be included in the Bridge.

Concern: Access to Honeywell company happenings and plans.
Resolution: Under the “From the Editor” section in the March Bridge, provided the link to the HRSC website explaining the information available which covered the above concern. In the April Bridge, Editor will provide additional information on how to obtain more specific Honeywell-related items accessing the Honeywell Dashboard link.

In Work

Suggestion: Interest in having more personalized focus on members (i.e. where they worked, what they’re doing now, etc.)
Action: Review feasibility of including monthly focus on one or two members per month.
Proposed Resolution: This is a good idea and was discussed at the March Board meeting. We are in the process of developing a plan for obtaining information and including it in the Bridge. We will need members to volunteer who are interested in providing us with their current activities, trips, hobbies, etc. to be included in the Bridge. Goal is to have several members participate and including one or two articles per month.

Suggestion: Include names of who attended the events with the pictures.
Action: Still researching into ways this information can be provided. Possibility is to provide a list of attendees next to the picture. This would require providing sign-up sheets for all events, or using a pre-determined list of those who signed up for the event. These currently appear to be the best options.

Suggestion: Organize more out of town events such as Kartchner Caverns.
Action: Still researching. There would need to be sufficient people within easy reach of the out-of-town area or it would need to be attractive enough that several members would drive from the Phoenix area (possibly carpooling) to attend. They would preferably need to be organized by a member who lives in the area.

The B


Honeywell Retiree Social Club (HRSC) is a social organization in Arizona for Honeywell International, Inc. retirees. This organization will be open without regard to prior class of employment, race, creed, sex or geographical residence.

HRSC will provide activities, programs (such as Fix-It Guys and Scholarship Program) and projects of interest to retirees and spouses. It will facilitate effective communications between members, other Honeywell retiree clubs and Honeywell International, Inc. It will provide opportunities to renew acquaintances and promote fellowship among retirees, and will assist retirees in maintaining and enhancing the image of Honeywell International, Inc., in the eyes of the public.

From the Editor

For your information, an updated Honeywell Retiree Social Club (HRSC) of Arizona membership form has been included in this month’s Bridge. Please look it over and make sure you use this form when you renew your membership for the upcoming years.

A variety of information for members can be found on the HRSC website www.hrcaz.org Just click the menu buttons at the left of most pages. One of these is a link to the “Events Schedule” so you can review upcoming events that you may be interested in attending.

In addition to upcoming events, accessing the above website will also provide additional Honeywell-related information. Click on the “Useful Links button, then select “Jump to Honeywell Dashboard” at the top of the page.

Please address any comments or questions to the editor at the HRSC email address Bridge_Editor@hrcaz.org or Honeywell Retiree Social Club, 1860 W. Rose Garden Lane, Phoenix, AZ 85027-2704.

Regards, Kay

The Bridge

Any comments or claims made within the publication are solely the responsibility of the author(s) and do not necessarily express the views of Honeywell Inc. or the directors, officers, staff, or members of the Honeywell Retiree Social Club (HRSC) of Arizona.

The Bridge
The Bridge The Bridge
The Bridge The Bridge

Amazon Fulfillment Center Tours  TBD

Oktoberfest  TBD 

More information will be provided when it becomes available. 

The Bridge

Message from the HRSC Scholarship Foundation

Your club and many of you are major supporters of the Honeywell Retirees Club Scholarship Foundation. Honeywell has generously agreed to raise their contribution from $3,000 to $4,000. Individual contributors are also key to the success of the scholarship program. Your

support enables deserving students to receive scholarships to advance their education and

opportunities. All recipients are family members of retired Garrett and Honeywell employees. In addition to monetary support, the Foundation is in need of people to serve on the Board. Without sufficient Board members the Foundation cannot continue. If you

would be interested in finding out the responsibilities of the members and serving on the Foundation Board, please contact Mary Barkl at 480-580-5585 or Frank Holman at 602-695-2565.

Spring Picnic Reminder from Mary

This is a quick reminder to all those who are going to our joint Spring Potluck Picnic with the Aero Activity Club (formally SRC, Sperry). Please remember to give me a call with your name and number of guests. The clubs will be splitting the costs so there will be no cost to participants except your favorite potluck dish. See you at the Spring Picnic!

Friendly Reminder

PLEASE NOTE: New Honeywell Corporate policy will no longer provide the Club with lists of deceased employees. If you are aware of the passing of an HRSC member, please call Mary Barkl at 480-580-5585. Please provide the information you have, whether or not there is an obituary, and what your relationship is to the deceased. Mary will verify it before having it published in the Bridge.

The Bridge

Food for Thought

The Bridge

  • “I have a photographic memory. Unfortunately, it no longer offers same-day service.”
  • “You know you are getting old when it feels like the morning after and you haven't been anywhere.”
  • “Young at heart, slightly older in other places!”
  • “I’ve reached the age when, if someone tells me to wear socks, I don’t have to.”

The Bridge
The Bridge

The Bridge

Honeywell Clubs Fix-It Guys Program

Sponsored by the Honeywell, Garrett & Aero Activities Retiree Clubs
We help Honeywell retirees or surviving spouses with fix-it jobs around the house.  This program is designed to keep the job from being a budget buster for you.Handyman

Call our coordinator, Warren Koepsel, at 480-510-9304 to schedule a trip to your home. If you reach voice mail, leave a clear message giving job information, your name, telephone number and nearest cross streets. We will get back with you to schedule a visit.
                                                          Wanted Are You Handy?

Your clubs really need your help!

We're Hiring!!

You don't have to be a contractor-level kind of handyman—just generally handy around the house. Some of you may have special skills (Computer/Plumbing/Electrical/Drywall?) that can significantly help our members in need. Why not try it? Call Warren, (480-510-9304). We would love to talk with you!

The table below lists our current Fix-It Guys Team.

Thanks guys—for all that you do.

East Valley
Bob Davenport Frank Holman Warren Koepsel Stu Mitnik
Ken Probert
Charlie Paine

North Valley
Bob Farney
Lee Rippstein Dan Schott

Scholarships for College

Honeywell Retiree Clubs

Scholarship Foundation


Once again the popularity of the scholarship program has increased this year.  A total of 12 applicants have received awards ranging from $1,100 to $1,200.  Thank you to the Garrett and Honeywell Retiree clubs as well as Honeywell International for their generous donations.  The majority of the yearly total available funds come from contributions by individual members of the Garrett and Honeywell Retiree clubs.  All of you who gave are making a difference in the lives of these deserving recipients.


Cost of a college education has been increasing yearly and our number of valid applicants has increased from 1 at program start to 12 for this year.  So far, we have been able to award each of the qualified applicants with at least $1,000.  Continued awards of this modest amount for each applicant will likely be impossible unless we can increase contributions.  Please review your charitable contributions and seriously consider adding this Scholarship Program to your list of worthy causes.  The Scholarship Program is qualified as a 501(c)(3), so donations should be tax deductible (check with your tax advisor).  Please remember, students receiving these benefits are all family members of retired Honeywell and Garrett employees.  By giving to this program, you will be directly helping the friends and family members of people you worked with for years. See below for information on how to donate.

This Month's Featured Scholarship Recipients

Shelby Carter
- Attending NAU

Granddaughter of Ken Carter - Garrett Retirees' Club

The Bridge


The Bridge

Shelby CarterHello!! My name is Shelby Carter and I have the privilege of attending Northern Arizona University’s Phoenix campus. I transferred last fall (2017) as I wanted to pursue my future as a middle school science teacher in Phoenix, rather than in Flagstaff as I felt there were ample opportunities closer to home.

This fall (2018) I begin my last semester of my education program, which then catapults me into student teaching...the semester I have been looking forward to for years! I decided I wanted to be a teacher when I was in third grade and have aspired to be in the classroom full-time ever since.

My favorite moments throughout my college career have been when I learn something in one of my college classes and then almost immediately take it to the classroom and watch it play out. I love learning and soaking in what experiences others have to offer to me, as well as learning from students within the classroom setting.

After I graduate, I hope to become the best middle school science teacher I can possibly be with the help and support of my professors, parents, co-teachers, and principals. With our society progressing to the state it is, we need teachers who are inspired to educate our children to become the future leaders and scientists our world needs to continue to grow, develop, and solve our most difficult problems.

I want to thank the Retiree Clubs for this scholarship and the support you provide to those pursuing their education goals.

The Bridge
The Bridge

Davis Levy - Attending NAU

Grandson of George Davis - Garrett Retirees' Club


The Bri Davis LevyI chose Northern Arizona University (NAU) because it is a smaller school, allowing me to build relationships with my professors and my colleagues. I am majoring in business management and finance with an investments certificate. By being part of DECA, a business organization in high school, I was able to confidently enter the business college knowing it was right for me. This past spring semester I took part in an operations management team simulation. My team and I achieved one of top ROI’s of 19.53% and placed 1st in our course section.

I am a member of Delta Sigma Pi, a professional business fraternity and was recently elected Vice President of Finance and plan to run for president in my senior year. I am part of the Business Leadership Program where I had the opportunity to complete the NAU Challenge Course with my graduating class and meet Steve Reese, the CIO of the Phoenix Suns. I was also an involved resident of the McKay Village Community Council which allowed me to create social events for the community. Lastly, I will be a resident assistant next year in the same community.

This summer, I was fortunate to be an Intern within the Payroll Accounting Department with Albertsons Companies. I am excited to continue my professional development and network with the same company I started working with as a junior in high school. After I graduate college, I plan on staying in Flagstaff for another year to earn my MBA.

It is an honor to be a recipient of the Honeywell Retiree Club’s Scholarship.

Watch for more information about each of our Scholarship recipients in future editions of The Bridge.

If you would like to donate, you can send your check to either of:

Gwen Scheetz, Doug Metzger
Scholarship Foundation Secretary / Treasurer
5640 E Everett Drive
Scottsdale, AZ 85254
HRSC Treasurer
Honeywell Retiree Social Club, Honeywell, Inc.
1860 Rose Garden Lane
Phoenix, AZ 85027-2704

Donations are tax-deductible due to our 501(c)(3) status.)

Microsoft Word - Membership_Application.docx

If you have questions; you can find information about our Scholarships on the website at www.hrcaz.org.  Click on the Scholarship button, (found on the left side of most pages, except for the online Bridge), or go directly by following this link to the Scholarships section of our website.

Our Foundation Board Members are also happy to help. You can call or email your Scholarship Board Member at:

Jim Redmond, Chair
Email: jpr.redmond@gmail.com
Phone: 623 362 2421

Bob Davenport, ASU Representative
Email: wrd63@cox.net
Phone: 480 560 6273

Dawn Orgill, NAU Representative
Email: dawn3@centurylink.net
Phone: 602 881 7772
Gwen Scheetz, Secretary and Treasurer
Email: scheetzgwen@cox.net
Phone: 602 616 9889

Frank Holman, U of A Representative
Email: frankholman@cox.net
Phone: 602 695 2565

The Bridge

Reports & Photos of Past Events

(Approximately one year of past events is shown.)
See The Bridge in Archives for more details of these and older events.)

Skip to Index for Upcoming Events

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Racing Car
Penske Racing Museum Tour  - Near Loop 101 & Scottsdale Rd.
Mar 15, 2018
Honeywell-Garrett Spring Potluck Picnic 
  - Open to all Honeywell retirees, including Sperry.
  - At McCormick-Stillman Railroad Park in Scottsdale.
Mar 21, 2018
Racehorses A Day at the Races - At Turf Paradise, 1501 W. Bell Rd. Apr 10, 2018
Power Station Palo Verde Nuclear Energy Education Center Tour
  - In Buckeye.
  - Education & live communication with the power station.
Apr 18, 2018
SW Plane SouthWest Airlines Maintenance Hangar Tour
  - At Sky Harbor Airport - repeated again by popular demand.
Apr 19, 2018
Cruise Ship Cruise - Farther in Alaska - By land and by sea!
HRSC - Barbara Rippstein
Aug 5, 2018
Tim Mahoney Talk from Tim Mahoney - President of Honeywell Aerospace
GRC - Mark Steele
Oct 3, 2018
Oktoberfest Oktoberfest
HRSC - Mary Barkl
Oct 17, 2018
University Midwestern University Veterinary Medicine Open House
AAC - Keith Hughes
Oct 27, 2018
Golf Club Ping Golf Club Factory Tour
AAC - Keith Hughes
Oct 31, 2018
Nov 9, 2018
Hospice Hospice and Palliative Care
GRC - Mark Steele
Nov 7, 2018
RTVOS Painter Honeywell-RTVOS Volunteer Opportunity
HRSC - Doug Metzger
Nov 10, 2018
Golf Club Ping Golf Club Factory Tour
AAC - Keith Hughes
Nov 29, 2018
Xmas Lunch Christmas Holiday Charity Luncheon
GRC & HRSC - Diane Bennett & Mary Barkl
Dec 11, 2018
Xmas December Christmas Dinner-Dance
AAC - Joyce Calella
Dec 12, 2018
B-17 Commemorative Air Force Presentation
GRC - Mark Steele
Jan 9, 2019
Tovrea Castle Tovrea Castle Tour
AAC - Keith Hughes
Jan 11, 2019

Old Car Sanderson Village and Museum Tour
AAC - Keith Hughes
Jan 23, 2019
Rose AAC - Steve Flood Feb 2, 2019
Southwest Plane Southwest Airlines Maintenance Hangar Tour
AAC - Keith Hughes
Feb 6, 2019
Fire Engine
Hall of Flame Presentation
GRC - Mark Steele
Feb 6, 2019
Amazon Amazon Tour
HRSC - Rick Carter

Feb 6, 2019

Horses Racing
A Day at the Races
AAC - Fred Polack
Feb 19, 2019
Golf Club Ping Golf Club Factory Tour
AAC - Keith Hughes
Feb 27, 2019
(Feb 15 Tour Canceled.)
Theatre Masks
Phoenix Theatre Presentation
GRC - Mark Steele
Mar 6, 2019
PXG Icon PXG Golf Club Factory Tour
AAC - Steve Flood
Mar 15, 2019
Eyeglassses Essilor Eyeglass Lab Tour
AAC - Steve Flood
Mar 20, 2019
Guide Dog
Guide Dogs of the Desert Presentation
GRC - Mark Steele
Apr 3, 2019
Theatre "Mamma Mia!" by Broadway Theatre Company
AAC - Lydia Gonzales
Apr 4, 2019
Picnic Garrett Spring Potluck Picnic
GRC - Diane Bennett
Apr 10, 2019

Event Ideas

Upcoming Events

Singles Welcome at all Events!

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Acronyms used to denote sponsorship for each event:

HRSC - Honeywell Retiree Social Club (Covers all parts of Honeywell, including GE, Garrett, Sperry, Bull, AlliedSignal, etc.)
GRC - Garrett Retirees' Club
AAC - Aero Activities Club (Formerly known as Sperry Retiree Club

Regardless of sponsoring organization(s), all events are open to members of all three retiree clubs.

NOTE: HRSC sponsored programs and events, where payments are required in advance, will provide refunds any time there is no cost to the Club. We will make every effort to provide refunds when requested; however, for some events funds have been committed by the HRSC and will not be refunded.

The Bridge
Picnic Spring Potluck Picnic
HRSC - Mary Barkl
AAC - Larry Bowe

Apr 25, 2019
MIM Bass
Musical Instrument Museum (MIM) Tour
AAC - Kaye Eibeck
May 9, 2019
Barry Goldwater with Movie Camera
Photographs by Barry M. Goldwater
The Arizona Highways Collection
AAC - Kaye Eibeck
May 14, 2019
VC Engine Verde Canyon Railroad
AAC - Larry Bowe
Oct 26, 2019
Tovrea Castle Tovrea Castle Tour
AAC - Keith Hughes
Nov 8, 2019
Royal Princess Seven-Day Californian Coastal Cruise
HRSC - Barbara Rippstein

Nov 9, 2019
Tovrea Castle Tovrea Castle Tour
AAC - Keith Hughes
Nov 16, 2019

Upcoming Events Preview

Starting with the February 2019 issue of the HRSC Bridge Newsletter, we will be providing here upcoming events for the entire year that do not currently have firm dates and/or information but will be of interest to all of our members.

The TBD events from the February Bridge, (Photographs by Barry Goldwater and the Musical Instrument Museum), have now turned into firm events with dates and are shown accordingly.

The Bridge

Amazon Fulfillment Center Tours
HRSC - Rick Carter

Amazon's requirements have changed and we can only schedule a tour with a maximum of 10 people. They require the names and birthdates of people registering for the tour.

If you are interested in an Amazon Tour, please contact Rick Carter at wwwrico@gmail.com or 602-920-6044. He will need the names and birthdates for people going on the tour. This is a requirement from Amazon. When a tour is scheduled he will contact you with the date and time of the tour. If you are unavailable, you will stay on the waitlist.

Sponsored by the Honeywell Retiree Social Club.


Recurring Lunches BACK TO Home
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Honeywell IAC Ole Timers
Hibachi Grill & Supreme Buffet, 10030 N Metro Pkwy E
(Second Monday of March, second Tuesday of June, second Wednesday of September, second Thursday of December)
Contact: Mary Barkl  mbarkl@cox.net
Jun 11, Sep 11, Dec 12.
11:15 AM

Bull Old-Timers Lunch Bunch
Old Country Buffet, 9620 N Metro Pkwy W
(Third week of month. First 4 months Tue; second 4 Wed; third 4 Thu.)
Contact: Wayne Sobieski  wayne.sobieski@cox.net
May 15, Jun 19, Jul 17, Aug 21, Sep 19, Oct 17, Nov 21, Dec 19.
11:30 AM

The Honey-Bunch-Lunchers
Golden Corral, 5679 W Northern Ave
(First Tuesday of each month)
Contact: Alfred Brenneise  alfbrenn2@gmail.com
May 7, Jun 4, Jul 2, Aug 6, Sep 3, Oct 1, Nov 5, Dec 3.
11:30 AM

See list of attendees and photos from the March 12, 2018 Honeywell IAC Ole Timers Lunch.
See photos and list of attendees from the December 13, 2018 Honeywell IAC Ole Timers Lunch.

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Reports & Photos of Past Events

(Approximately one year of past events is shown.)

See back numbers of The Bridge in Archives for more details of these and older past events.

Penske Racing Museum Tour
Thursday, March 15, 2018

Penske Photo Top

Twenty-five Sperry and Honeywell members and guests toured the Penske Racing Museum on March 15th. From the comments we received everyone enjoyed themselves, especially looking at the many Indy 500 cars Roger Penske’s team used over many years.

Our only disappointment was missing Roger himself that day (he left the Valley on the 14th).  I was told Roger likes to intermingle with his guests, giving tours himself, and answering questions.  Maybe next time.  Oh, and don’t be surprised if you happen to see some of your fellow retirees driving around the valley streets in a NEW Lamborghini, Bentley, Ferrari or other ultra-expensive automobile – just kidding!


Kaye Eibeck

Sponsored by the Aero Activities Club.

Honeywell & Garrett Retirees' 2018 Spring Potluck Picnic

(Open to Sperry retiree club too)

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Link to Photos taken by our club photographer.

Link to photos at the Garrett Retirees' Club website.

Link to description of event when it was upcoming.

Sponsored by the Garrett & Honeywell Retiree Clubs.

2018 Day at the Races

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Day at

Sponsored by the Aero Activities Club.

Palo Verde Energy Education Center Tour

Apr 18, 2018
Buckeye, AZ

26 members toured the facility and listened to a presentation by our host Chuck Emmitt who had 50 years experience in the nuclear industry. We learned that Palo Verde was a base load generator and typically gas fired generators handle peak load. There was a long discussion on U235 and U238 and how it is used for fuel.

Chuck gave a detailed description of the pressurized water reactor design and its advantages over other designs. We also found out that if every piece of uranium in the United States could be used it could power the USA for a million years. One pellet of uranium the size of a pencil eraser is equivalent to 1 ton of coal or 3 barrels of oil.



Sponsored by the
Aero Activities Club.

Southwest Airlines Maintenance Hangar Tour

  Apr 19, 2018

Sky Harbor Airport, AZ

We had 19 club members visit Southwest two days after the engine explosion so guess what we asked about.

A forward fan blade was shed on a Southwest Airlines plane in 2016 causing the engine manufacturer CFM to investigate and finally recommend inspections of older engines within a year.

The aircraft that had a problem was due for a check in June. Looks like the problem was more serious than CFM thought. SW was inspecting 450 engines in 15 days and all 1400 in 30 days so they were being proactive.

Pictures below show the blades removed for ultrasonic inspection. Also shown is a blue jack mechanism that lifts the front landing gear of a 737-700 to drop the tail enough to get inside the hanger door that is too low for the new series jets.

SW 1
SW 2
SW 3
SW 4
SW 5
SW 6

Sponsored by the Aero Activities Club.

Travel with Barbara Rippstein
Farther North to Alaska

(This is a description of the trip before it took place; a report and/or photos will be posted here when available.)

Land portion starts August 5, 2018
Sea portion starts August 11, 2018

Alaska Cruise touShiprs are the ultimate Alaska experience—a vacation combining 6 nights exploring Alaska by land and an unforgettable 7-day Voyage of the Glaciers cruise. Every Alaska Cruise tour includes the state's top two attractions—picturesque Denali National Park, home to North America’s tallest peak, and pristine Glacier Bay National Park. On land, you’ll stay at exclusive Princess Wilderness Lodges near legendary national parks and our Alaska Cruise tour itinerary includes exclusive Princess Alaska rail service, giving you yet another way to see the wonders of the Great Land! 

Princess has two levels of tours that travel together, the Connoisseur and the Explorer. The two groups travel together on the bus and train. They stay in the same lodges. The Connoisseur tour prices include most of the meals and tours which are not noted below. The Explorer tours are less expensive and guests are free to eat wherever they choose and to purchase the optional tours.

Our tour starts on August 5 in Fairbanks, Alaska “Golden Heart City”.  We check into our hotel. The rest of the day will be at your leisure.

Mon, Aug 6, both groups take a cruise on an authentic Sternwheeler Riverboat down the Chena River and have a chance to pan for gold. 


Tue, Aug 7 we say goodbye to Fairbanks for a spectacular trip to Denali National Park via scenic motor coach. We will be welcomed at the Denali Princess Wilderness Lodge for a 2-night retreat.  The afternoon is at leisure for all.

Wed, Aug 8 we explore Denali National Park. The Explorer group will go on the Natural History tour. The Connoisseur group will go on a Tundra Wilderness tour.

Thursday Aug 9—tMountainoday we will travel by motor coach to the south side of the park for two nights at the Mt. McKinley Princess Wilderness Lodge. This is where you can see Mt. Denali, the highest mountain in the United States. Take in the sensational views with a glass of wine on the expansive deck. 


Fri. Aug 10 we have a full day to relax and explore. There are optional tours available for both the Explorer and Connoisseur groups.

Sat. Aug 11 after a morning enjoying the vistas, we’ll transfer to the historic town of Talkeetna aboard the exclusive Direct-to-the-Wilderness Rail for the journey to Whittier and our waiting ship.

Sponsored by the Honeywell Retiree Social Club.

Tim Mahoney - President, Honeywell Aerospace
GRC - Mark Steele

Oct 3, 2018

                                                          MahoneyOur featured speaker was Tim Mahoney, President Honeywell Aerospace. He began with an Employee Provide – a photo and video montage done by Scott Carlton, APU engineer.

In addition to the spinoff of the turbocharger business, Tim announced the spinoff of the Homes Business (RESIDEO) consisting of the entire portfolio for Homes products plus the ADI Global Distribution business.

In 2017, Aerospace booked $14.8B in sales with 22.2% segment margin. Fastest growing area is Electronic Solutions requiring rapid expansion of capacity of precision avionics and navigation. APUs and Engines are both capacity limited by the supplier base and would have produced a 22% cumulative annual growth rate had there been no limitations. The Repair and Overhaul business is nearing $100M annual revenue. Honeywell Aerospace is growing faster than the markets it serves.

Expectations through 2022 anticipates avionics wins 2.7 times those of competitors; APUs 2.1 times; Mechanical Systems 1.6 times and Engines is expecting 100% of proposals will be winners. 16 airlines are removing competitor APS and replacing them with the 131-9. We take the replaced units, disassemble them and sell them as spare parts.

Growth opportunities include:
    ▪    Allegiant Air for power and avionics 

    ▪    LION Airgroup with 617 of their a/c using 
our APUs

    ▪    T900 turboshaft of Blackhawk and Apache ($50B opportunity). Tech proposal 13,500 pages.
Announcement expected Jan '19.

    ▪    T55 (CH47) product support 

    ▪    20 kVA generator for UH-60 

    ▪    F124 for USAF T-X Trainer

Advanced Technology focus includes:
    ▪    Megawatt generator for directed energy weapons
    ▪    Advanced compressors and combustor coatings for next generation combat helos
    ▪    Future small turbofan
    ▪    Improved performance turbine engine for MQ-9 Reaper drone.

Aerospace primary and ongoing focus is labeled the Connected Market and the Connected aircraft. Honeywell provides up to 109 different subsystems on commercial aircraft and through the knowledge of connectivity, strived to eliminate all unscheduled maintenance. The goal is to provide service connectivity of 80% of these systems by 2019.

Encompassing the connected aircraft are a/c data gateways, and both cabin and cockpit SATCOM. In addition Honeywell provides a global data center with secure infrastructure and ground networks linking all aircraft services and cabin tools.

Sponsored by the Garrett Retiree Club.

   HRSC - Mary Barkl
  Oct 17, 2018

The Oktoberfest was a great success and was enjoyed by all, with accordion music, beer, brats, sauerkraut, ice-breaker, split-the-pot, door prizes, and, above all, the chance to renew old acquaintances and make new ones, especially with fellow retirees from different divisions.

There were raves about the brats and the beans; some went back for seconds! We had an ice breaker which it looked like all of the attendees were playing. 5 completed the ice breaker and were put in the door prize drawing which already included everyone that was in attendance.

We had two drawings for the 50/25/25 and each recipient received $27.50. There were 4 $25.00 door prizes that were won, 1 went to one of the ice breaker players and the other 3 went to other attendees.

There were many delicious desserts to savor that were brought by the board members in attendance.

This is a video clip of our accordionist, Leigh DeChaine, pictured above-right.

See photos of the event from our club photographer, Rick Carter.

Many thanks to Mary Barkl for organizing this event; everything was well thought out and ran very smoothly.


Sponsored by the Honeywell Retiree Social Club

Veterinary Medicine Open House
AAC - Keith Hughes
Oct 27, 2018


Awaiting report and/or photos.

The Bridge

Sponsored by the
Aero Activities Club.

Ping Golf Club Factory Tour
AAC - Keith Hughes

Oct 31, 2018