This has several updates to the list of outing ideas I sent to the board on October 23, 2017.

Updated on May 3, 2018 after the May 30 board meeting, and made into this website page,

Updated on June 11, 2018 following my visit to the Cave Creek planetarium and Barbara Rippstein's information about Sky Harbor airport tours.

Updated on September 25, 2018 following board meeting and Rick Carter's information about the tour-scheduling system now being used by Amazon. Also noted that the Ping tour is scheduled, and that the Cardinals' stadium is now sponsored by State Farm. Added Buddy Stubbs motorcycle museum tour.


As noted on October 23, 2018, this list does NOT imply that I am volunteering to lead any of these—Director and Webmaster duties are sufficient for me!

Updated following August 28, 2019 board meeting at which two ideas from Sandi Parmagiani were brought forward by Sherry Maxson Meyers. They were;

Please send any suggested changes or list additions to

Kevin Harris
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Yelp & TripAdvisor Reviews


(With link to map)



Butterfly Wonderland

Yelp Icon TripAdvisor

101 in Scottsdale

Dawn Orgill – Expensive (But we did not take it off the list.) Report in May 30, 2018 board meeting that a group had made this visit and did not find it very good.


OdySea Aquarium

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101 in Scottsdale

Dawn Orgill —Expensive - 4-hr tour (But we did not take it off the list.)


Ping golf club factory

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Nr. Peoria Ave & I17 in Phoenix

Barbara Rippstein said the Sperry club did it many years ago.

Factory tours are conducted Monday-Friday beginning at 9:00 a.m. To inquire on upcoming availability, or to schedule your tour please call our Consumer Relations team at (800) 474-6434 to better assist you.

Several outings done Oct-Nov 2018; see report of one here.


State Farm Football stadium tour (Cardinals)

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Nr. 101 & Bethany Home in Glendale

(I have had member requests for this.) The cost for a private tour is $175 regardless of the number of people in the group. "Add-ons and other options may require additional fees." Non-profit / 501c3 discounts are available—information from 623-433-7165 or


Cardinals group tickets 


Nr. 101 & Bethany Home in Glendale

Group tickets (Minimum group size 15) are $62.00 - $66.00 including taxes, fees and complimentary parking. They are available for any remaining home game except for the Seahawks game. The normal price for these tickets is $70 - $100 plus taxes and fees, depending on the game.

Groups are seated along the terrace sideline levels in the first few rows for $66.00 or higher up for $62.00. These are sections 407-410 or 415-418 on the Cardinals’ side, and sections 438-441 or 446-449 on the visitors’ side.

Our group would get a scoreboard greeting and an announcement over the loudspeaker welcoming us. Depending on group size, there would be other goodies such as vouchers, Cardinals hats, mini helmets, concession cards, personalized authentic jerseys (group size 75+), etc.

Our contact is  602-379-1667. He’ll be happy to answer any questions we might have.


Commemorative Air Force Museum

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Northeast Mesa

Paul Brinkmann is a contact, albeit with lapsed HRSC membership; there may be others, as HRSC has done this tour before.


Morton Salt mine



Public tours are prohibited because of trade secrets and safety concerns.”



CPR (now called CAB) Class



Suggested by Barbara Rippstein, who is hoping to arrange it with the fire department. She is unsure what central location to hold it in, given that the Sperry and Garrett clubs will be invited too. She is also unsure what month to do it in.


Phoenix Police Museum   

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Downtown Phoenix

This appears to be better than the Glendale Police Museum.


Glendale Police Museum




“Dedicated to Glendale’s finest, the exhibit spans police history from the early days of the territorial sheriff to the present day. View early police equipment and items.” The Phoenix one looks better.


Arizona Military Museum 

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Papago Park


Operated by National Guard. Timeline of Arizona military from 1800’s, showing its contribution to national effort such as WWI, WWII, etc.


Arizona State Capitol

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Downtown Phoenix

Old-style building that shows history of Arizona, including political history. Tours are available.


Deer Valley Petroglyph Preserve


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                        Icon       TYripAdvisor

On 43rd Ave just N of 101 in North Phoenix

Archaeology museum and home to largest concentration of Native American petroglyphs in the Phoenix area.


The Star Barn Planetarium

(Link to Facebook page.)

See below for photos.

North Cave Creek

A private planetarium built by the neighbor of one of our members, who would be happy to present to an HRSC group. The maximum comfortable size is 25.

There are scheduled presentations each month such as “Intro to the Night Sky,” “Gateway to the Mind,” “Blues for a Red Planet,”  “Constellation of Spring,” etc., but we would agree in advance what the presentation(s) would be; the ownwr's inclination would be "Intro to the Night Sky," which would be good for most people but possibly boring for astronomy buffs, so we'd need to select the group(s) accordingly—maybe a "beginner" group for the intro presentation, and a more knowledgeable group, if we can get enough people, for a more advanced presentation.

Apart from planetarium shows, he screens classic TV documentaries such as the Bell Science series from the 1960's and the Carl Sagan Cosmos series from the 1970's. He also has guest speakers such as a director from the Vatican Observatory Foundation on Saturday, June 9, 2018, so he appears to be quite well connected.

Further comments from Kevin Harris after attending the Vatican talk which included some use of the planetarium projector:

This is not slick and professional; it is pretty laid-back and flexible based on audience interests. It is more like a few friends over to share the experience. In fact that is how it started—people drove by and asked if they could see inside the planetarium. It is not open to the general public; only to those on the mailing list, (I am on it), but this can extend to school groups, etc.

Note also that admission is free, unlike the AZ Science Center, where you have to pay $18 admission to the museum, and a further $9 for planetarium admission.

Most planetariums have now gone to digital projectors; software works out what every pixel should be, the projection is through a small number of lenses, and many effects are possible, including viewing other than from Earth. The Cave Creek planetarium uses a vintage 1976 electro-mechanical projector, which itself was a half-scale copy by Minolta of an older Zeiss projector used in the Chicago Adler planetarium. It comprises 129 projectors controlled by an analog computer—mechanical, electrical and electronic engineers may find it interesting!


Phoenix Sky Harbor Tour


Phoenix Sky Harbor

Barbara Rippstein's husband, Lee, volunteers with the Phoenix Police Dept. They are taking one of these tours on June 22. Barbara is not sure if she will be able to go on it to check its suitability for HRSC. Here is the description:

"Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport staff is pleased to announce Airport Tours. This tour includes a ride on the PHX Sky Train, watching airplanes land and take off, and a visit to the Phoenix Airport Museum Gallery and other exhibitions. The airport tours are FREE, air-conditioned, and you can arrive by public transportation, PHX Sky Train, or pay to park at any airport parking garage or lot." 


Amazon Fulfillment Center Tour


East of 51st Ave & south of Buckeye Rd.

Amazon has changed its procedures for booking fulfillment center tours. Rick Carter explained that these now have to be booked online using a system that opens up monthly, and the tour will be within a few weeks of the booking.


Buddy Stubbs Motorcycle Museum


Cave Creek

137 rare motorcycles from 37 different manufacturers from 12 different countries going back 115 years to the original 1903 Harley-Davidson. Inside the Buddy Stubbs Harley-Davidson dealership. (Buddy Stubbs was a well-known motorcycle racer; a winner of the Daytona 100.) Open daily for drop-in visitors, but there are also guided tours, sometimes given by Buddy himself.


AZ Queen Bee


At your location

A bee removal service that also gives educational presentations on the importance of honeybees and the products they provide us.


Phoenix Herpetological Sanctuary



Public tours of two and a half hours are $20 per adult, $15 per senior. These need to be booked by selecting a tour on the event calendar.

Private tours of three hours are $50 per person with a minimum payment of $250.

The sanctuary address is not published, only the mailing address, but it is located about 10 min. drive north of the mailing address of 20701 N Scottsdale Rd,
ie, somewhere near E Jomax Rd and Scottsdale Rd.




Browse the PHOENIX AREA ATTRACTIONS page of our website.

You may get some ideas from this that are worth adding to this list. (The Phoenix Herpetological Society was added, for example).
Repeat popular outings

Repeat previous outings that were popular, eg, Day at Races, Musical Instrument Museum.

focus on previously-visited places that host group visits, but not individual visits, ie, tours that members could not go on by themselves, such as: SW Airlines maintenance hangar. (Now done several times by Keith Hughes.)



Kevin Harris


Photos of the Star Barn planetarium

Wide-Angle View
Wide-angle view of interior. There are several comfortable couches in the row behind the plastic chairs.

Projector assembly
The projector assembly.

Close-up of projector assembly
Close-up of projector assembly.

Vatican speaker and owner
The Vatican speaker and the owner.

Analog computer controlling 129 projectors.
The analog computer that controls the 129 projectors.