Volume 20, Number 2

The Bridge

           October 2003

President's Perspective

We find our HRC activities for the year are off to a great start with the October 15 appearance of Joe Arpaio. We would like to make sure that you still have an opportunity to attend the Oktoberfest picnic on October 22; so limited late registration will be accepted. The Tuesday October 28 golf event at Estrella Mountain still has openings so if you golf please get that foursome together and call in if you have not done so already.

An informative session on Digital Cameras arranged by Russ Henzel will be held on November 6 with details to be found in this Bridge issue. Additionally, we will have a program on High Definition TV in early December.

Many of you have reacted promptly and sent in your reservations for our HRC events soon after receiving notice in the Bridge. We really appreciate that as it allows us to plan better and insures we know we will have enough participants. For those of you who tend to wait until the last minute, please consider committing earlier to assist the people who are graciously volunteering time and effort to bring you the programs.

Our website, www.hrcaz.org, continues to grow in content and is available to you on line. Give it a try and let us know what you think and what else you may want to see there. The Board of Directors will be considering more additions at our next meeting. Please call the Hotline number or e-mail at hotline@hrcaz.org. You can also call or e-mail zyzzroeber@cox.net me.

Keep an eye out for news of the Laughlin trip and a Space Center tour in mid January and the spring picnic in late February.

With the major hot season behind us, it is absolutely refreshing to step out in the morning to the wonderfully crisp temperatures we can now enjoy. Roll out early, take a deep breath and enjoy your day.

Don Roeber