Volume 20, Number 3

The Bridge

           November 2003

President's Perspective

Over the last month, the HRC events continued for the year with the very entertaining presentation by Joe Arpaio on October 15th. He spoke to a large crowd of retirees with his humorous but no nonsense dialog about his philosophy of running a tight ship at the Sheriff’s office. The Oktoberfest picnic on Oct. 22 was attended by a large group that endured the unusual record setting hot weather at Saguaro Ranch Park in Glendale.

An enthusiastic group of golfers lost a few balls to the terrain of the Estella Mountain golf course while enjoying the semi annual golf event last month. A very interesting and informative session on Digital Cameras was presented at our Bell Road and Black Canyon facility on November 6.

We are extremely lucky this year to have a very dedicated group coordinating the planning of activities and programs of the Honeywell Retirees Club. While all of the board of directors is participating, this year we have special emphasis from a team headed by our vice president, Ed Frick, who meets with a team comprised of Shirley Krieger and Virginia Clagett to ensure that we are providing many of the programs that were requested in our annual meeting questionnaire from our membership. We always welcome input from you as members as to what you would enjoy us sponsoring for you and your fellow retirees.

Since our events and programs schedule has increased this year, you may find a new addition to the Bridge of particular interest to you. A listing of all the coming events that are planned for the year is included with the intent to provide you with a one page list that you can cut out and post in a convenient place to remind you of what is coming for HRC.

Please review this copy of the Bridge for details on coming events such as the December 3 session on High Definition TV, and the early 2004 events, the Laughlin trip, Space Center tour, County Jail tour and the Spring Picnic.

We are extremely sorry that for a time last month, the hot line, 602-313-5050, was not working properly and some of your messages were not received if you called in with questions or inputs for the Board of Directors. Changes resulting from the move of the Industry Solutions (formerly Industrial Automation and Control) organization to Union Hills from the Bell Road and Black Canyon Highway facility resulted in a glitch in the phone system. The hot line has been fixed as of November 5th and is now operational again. The e-mail hotline, hotline@hrcaz.org, was not affected and continues as another alternative for your use.

Our HRC website, www.hrcaz.org, is being managed by Russ Henzel and Bill Doyle with excellent results. The Bridge articles are posted there monthly along with coming events that may be of interest to you. If you have the Internet available, take a look and give us your feedback.

Don Roeber