September 2020

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Newsletter of the

Honeywell Retiree Social Club of Arizona

NOTE: This online version is a reformatted (e.g., buttons at left removed to improve readability, and all event information together following other items) sub-set of the full version sent to paid-up members, with updates to event information since the Bridge was distributed.

For example, it does not contain names of recent retirees, new members, or members who have passed away, nor does it contain the list of member email addresses which is sent out from time to time.

There will typically be a delay of a week or so before a new month's version is posted here—if you want to get the Bridge as it comes off the press, become a member and request the full-color PDF version, the eBridge, which is sent by email and can be received wherever you may be, unlike the paper version. Note that Honeywell outsources the distribution of the black-and-white paper Bridge. It is typically delivered one to two weeks after the PDF eBridge is delivered by email, so apart from news being a little old, members receiving only the paper copy may miss out on first come, first served signup for upcoming events.

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President's Perspective

Club Leader Contacts  (Board Officers, Directors and Staff)

From the Editor

Keeping in Touch   (News of Fellow Retirees)

Memories  (Occasional Items from Memory Lane)

Laughter is the Best Medicine

Fix-It Guys


Reports & Photos of Past Events  (Index)

Upcoming Events  (Index)

Recurring Lunches for sub groups:
Honeywell IAC Ole Timers
Bull Old-Timers Lunch Bunch
The Honey-Bunch-Lunchers

President's Perspective

Mary Barkl

WOW! It sure has been a tough year by the way 2020 is shaping up. First the pandemic, then all the weather-breaking temperatures, and the wildfires. I sure hope we get through this soon. This being a political year has not helped either. Hopefully it will soon be over. I see some temperatures going down and the COVID-19 cases also going down, so there is hope. We hope that you are staying safe and have not lost anyone to COVID-19.
We have great NEWS! The Board will continue to meet monthly on Zoom. We will continue with the monthly Bridge newsletter. We don’t know when things will drastically start changing back but we wanted you to know we will be here and keep you informed on what is transpiring.

We have even GREATER NEWS! Due to the fact that most of the events were cancelled in 2020, the Board has voted to extend your membership expiration dates by one year. In all cases, if your dues were paid through April 2020, we will extend all membership dues by one year. If you paid for multiple years in advance, they will also be extended by one year. For example, if you paid through 2022, then your membership will be extended to 2023. For further clarification, your new expiration date will be provided when you receive your September 2020 Bridge newsletter.

We also talked about where we go from here, and not knowing what is going to happen long term, we have a couple of ideas but would also like your input. One idea was to do more virtual tours, like the Phoenix Zoo, the Desert Botanical Garden, etc. We are looking into what may be available.

Let us hear your ideas! When it is safe, we will continue with group events so we can see everyone in the near future.

For now, please continue to be safe and take care of yourselves.
If any of you have burning questions or comments, feel free to call or write me.

The Bridge Mary Barkl, President HRSC
Regards, Mary

The Bridge
The Bridge

Club Leader Contacts
Officers - Voting
Directors - Voting
Mary Barkl - President (2022)
480-580-5585 Cheryl Wiley (2021)* 623-512-1634
Denise Downar – Vice President (2022) 623-465-1298 Barbara Rippstein (2021)* 623-566-1572
Doug Metzger - Treasurer (2022)
602-319-6637 Kevin Harris (2022)* 480-789-0612
Sherry (Maxson) Myers - Secretary (2021)
623-582-4481 Kay Nye (2022)* 623-974-9258

Bruce Landini (2023)* 623-606-7449

Kirk Anderson (2023)* 602-708-9806

Staff Functions (Non-Voting)
Barbara Rippstein – Travel Coordinator 623-566-1572 Vacant - Photographer
Ted Rees – Membership Secretary 623-465-7337 Kevin Harris - Webmaster 480-789-0612
Kay Nye - Bridge Editor 623-974-9258 Gary Kains - Fix-It Guys Coordinator 480-835-6060
Cheryl Wiley - Scholarship Foundation Chair 623-512-1634

*Directors have a three-year term, staggered to have two new directors per year.

Officers have a two-year term.

†Barbara Rippstein, who was already a director, is serving out Shirley Krieger's term because she has to spend more time dealing with a changed family medical situation.


Honeywell Retiree Social Club (HRSC) is a social organization in Arizona for Honeywell International, Inc. retirees. This organization will be open without regard to prior class of employment, race, creed, sex or geographical residence.

HRSC will provide activities, programs (such as Fix-It Guys and Scholarship Program) and projects of interest to retirees and spouses. It will facilitate effective communications between members, other Honeywell retiree clubs and Honeywell International, Inc. It will provide opportunities to renew acquaintances and promote fellowship among retirees, and will assist retirees in maintaining and enhancing the image of Honeywell International, Inc., in the eyes of the public.

Any comments or claims made within the publication are solely the responsibility of the author(s) and do not necessarily express the views of Honeywell Inc. or the directors, officers, staff, or members of the Honeywell Retiree Social Club (HRSC) of Arizona.

From the Editor

The Bridge

Welcome back! Hope everyone had a safe and healthy summer. The HRSC team is back and ready to continue supporting our members with a monthly newsletter, options for getting together virtually, and keeping you up-to-date on what is happening with your retiree club. Our goal is to keep you informed as much as possible during these trying times and to let you know that we are still here for you! Hopefully we all be able to get together again in the near future and resume our normal activities. Looking forward to seeing everyone again!

The Bridge


When mailing items to the HRSC treasurer, please ensure that you address the envelope using the full name of the club, i.e. Honeywell Retiree Social Club, so it goes to the proper location. Some people just put HRSC on the envelope and it ends up in HR which slows down the process.


•  A variety of information for members can be found on the HRSC website Just click the menu buttons at the left of most pages.  One of these is a link to the “Event Schedule” so you can review upcoming events that you may be interested in attending.

•  In addition to upcoming events, accessing the above website will also provide additional Honeywell-related information.  Click on the “Useful Links” button, then select “Jump to Honeywell Dashboard” at the top of the page.

•  Please address any comments or questions about The Bridge to the editor at the HRSC email address or Honeywell Retiree Social Club, 1860 W.  Rose Garden Lane, Phoenix, AZ 85027-2704. 

The Bridge
The Bridge

With Barbara Rippstein
As much as most of us want to leave the house and go wherever we want without a mask, we also know that it isn’t wise or healthy right now.  But this quarantine will not last forever.  Then what will we each plan to do?  I miss seeing my family and friends.  The telephone and email are not the same as face-to-face meetings.  There are just so many email messages, facetime and puzzles we can do.  But, besides seeing family and friends, what do I miss? VACATIONS!
Because I have very few hobbies, planning vacations and cruises has always been my late-night interest.  I would like to share my hobby and give you some hints about cruising and car trips that may interest you when you can travel.
It’s no secret that the cruise industry got really hit when the coronavirus was found in a ship on a Japanese harbor.  Beginning January 20, 2020, 567 out of 2,666 passengers were infected.  By March 1st,, all passengers had disembarked from the ship and on their way home.  By then the reputation of all cruise ships was decreasing, followed by hotels and restaurants.  That hasn’t made traveling something we are ready to jump into for an extended period of time.
How soon can we go out to eat at a restaurant?  Good question.  It depends on how safe you feel, your own health risk, and how much you trust state and federal officials trying to make decisions about your health.  People in southern California are eating at restaurant tables set outside in parking lots and some streets. All are spaced to federal standards.  We will watch how that works out.  It could be a good start in Arizona as soon as the weather cooperates.  Each of us has to make that personal decision alone.  I try to stay abreast of what is going on around the country.  It may be some time before we go to a sit down restaurant.  In the meantime, my husband and I will continue with our Saturday date night take out for a while longer.
Cruises are more difficult.  There are hundreds of cruise ships around the world belonging to multiple cruise lines.  I am more familiar with three of those lines - Princess, Royal Caribbean, and Celebrity.  I will concentrate on ships that dock in the United States or carry US passengers.  The CDC (Center for Disease Control) typically posts travel health notices for countries and other international destinations.  The U.S. government is currently advising U.S. travelers to defer all cruise travel at this time; however, many major lines are booking cruises for Christmas and thereafter.   Security and health changes are being made on cruise ships, restaurants, and hotels.  I will discuss these changes in future months.
If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact me by phone at 623-566-1572 or Email at

Keeping in Touch
The Bridge The Bridge
The Bridge The Bridge

Article Submitted by Vic Nelson

TheArticle Submitted by Vic Nelson

Since February of 2000, when I volunteered for a LOW after 35 years, I moved to Prescott, AZ and have been living here ever since. Being that I was just 55 at the time of retirement and 60 when I fell victim to the new Bull policy of no longer being eligible for the company health insurance. I was, to say the least, peeved. While the new policy saved Bull a bunch of money, it left me holding a bag of you know what until I could qualify for Medicare. Being a diabetic, that left me in a bit of a fix to cover expensive required medications. I found out quickly that mainframe computer experience did not amount for much in a town/county that did everything on PC’s or Unix boxes. After paying exorbitant fees for health insurance coverage (in excess of $700.00 per month) to cover just myself. I came to the realization that I would need to take any employment that provided employee insurance. Enter Prescott Unified School District. It would be quicker to obtain a Class B commercial driver’s license than to get a teaching certificate. So I began a second career as a school bus driver at the age of 60. It is a flip of a coin as to the desirability of this position. There were days of absolute joy and others of pure regret at taking the position. Despite the worst days I managed to hold on until I reached 65. The good news is that I qualified for an additional State pension, a nice surprise. Even more of a surprise is that I left some money in the GE pension plan and they informed me that I had a small pension coming from them, who knew! 

So that completed my working career. Now I could work on my retirement life. I had in the past been an avid motorcycle rider. Mostly commuting to work but did make a couple of trips up to Washington state with two other couples to visit friends. I really enjoyed those trips. Nothing lasts forever. Moving from Phoenix and the passing of time and some old friends cut my riding partners down to zero. I made up my mind that solo riding would work for me. I searched online for a good long-haul motorcycle and found one in Michigan where my brother lived. My brother is an experienced rider as well, so I had him check it out and purchase the bike. I flew to Detroit and rode it back on Easter Sunday. It was a very cold but enjoyable ride. I made that ride a couple of more times. I started planning more trips. Once that trip was under my belt, I began a southern trek to the tip of Florida. I had an uncle that lived on Marco Island off the Gulf side of Florida. From my uncle’s house it was a long day ride to the Keys to the most southern part of the U.S. I traveled south via a back road of dense foliage to get to the single road going to the Keys. I had a big surprise of encountering an alligator on the opposite side of the road. Luckily, I thought it was a fallen palm tree (Florida palm trees look different than Arizona’s) and rode past it not knowing it was a gator until I passed it. I returned to Marco Island in the dark via Gator Alley which cuts across the tip of Florida without incident. 

I always wanted to go to Alaska by bike so I planned a trip to the southernmost tip of Alaska that was accessible by paved road. No Alligators but I did have to honk like a mad man to spook a black bear off the road on my last leg in Canada before getting to Alaska. When he saw me, I think he was more afraid of me than I was of him.

To save travel time and wear and tear on me I had my brother purchase another road bike (to be sold later) for me and I flew to Detroit and rode into Canada then into New York and up to Maine. I traveled south from there into Boston, Philly, New York City, Washington DC and, for the second time, through the Smoky Mountains before heading west. Going through Missouri I had a close call with a rather large owl carrying an exceptionally large snake in his talons. He was attempting to gain altitude crossing the east bound traffic while I was motoring west right in his flight path. The timing was perfect for us to collide. He saw me and stalled and tried to gain more altitude. I slowed and ducked and we managed to miss each other by inches. I am not a fan of snakes and I sure did not want one dropped down my neck.

I made many other trips but I have quit riding now that I am 75 (sold my last bike in
June of this year) and this is getting a bit long, so I will end it now.

The Bridge

Laughter Best Medicine

Kissing Bowl



Winston Churchill loved paraprosdokians -- figures of speech in which the latter part of a sentence or phrase is surprising or unexpected.
 1. Where there's a will, I want to be in it. 
 2. The last thing I want to do is hurt you, but it's still on my list.

 3. Since light travels faster than sound, some people appear bright until you hear them speak.
 4. If I agreed with you, we'd both be wrong.
 5. War does not determine who is right -- only who is left.

 6. Knowledge is knowing a tomato is a fruit. Wisdom is not putting it in a fruit salad.

 7. They begin the evening news with “Good Evening” then proceed to tell you why it isn’t.
 8. To steal ideas from one person is plagiarism. To steal from many is research.
 9.  I didn’t say it was your fault, I said I was blaming you.
10. In filling out an application, where it says 'In case of emergency, notify': I put "DOCTOR".

The Bridge
The Bridge
The Bridge
The Bridge


Honeywell Clubs Fix-It Guys Program

Sponsored by the Honeywell Retiree Social Club, Honeywell-Garrett and Aero Activities Retiree Clubs
Gary Kains is the New Coordinator!

Our purpose is to help club members and/or surviving spouses who may need assistance with handyman-type repairs and will appreciate saving some money. Currently there are seven Fix-It- Guys and Gary Kains, the coordinator. If you have such a need, call Gary at (480) 835-6060 to schedule a trip to your home. If you reach voice mail, please leave a message giving your name, phone number, description of the job, and nearest cross streets. We will get back with you to schedule a visit. We provide the labor at no cost to you, and you furnish the cost of the materials.

Help Wanted Are You Handy?

Your clubs really need your help!

We're Hiring!!

You don't have to be a contractor-level kind of handyman—just generally handy around the house. Some of you may have special skills (Computer/Plumbing/Electrical/Drywall?) that can significantly help our members in need, and you will be reimbursed for your travel. Why not try it? Please call Gary Kains, (480-835-6060) if interested. We would love to talk with you!

The table below lists our current Fix-It Guys Team.

Thanks guys—for all that you do!

East Valley
Bob Davenport Frank Holman Stu Mitnik

North Valley
Bob Farney
Lee Rippstein Dan Schott Paul Wiley

Honeywell Retiree Clubs

                                                          for College

Scholarship Foundation


Your Scholarship Board hopes this newsletter find you, your families and friends healthy, safe and coping with our new normal. And if you reside in Phoenix, we hope you haven’t melted over the summer with our record setting high temperatures!

Since the coronavirus pandemic was in full swing in May, we are listing our scholarship recipients again in case you missed it.  They appear on the next page as a standalone document should you like to print it out!  We are also going to feature our recipients in this newsletter throughout the year.  You will find this document after the list of our 2020-2021 recipients.

•    We had a total of 14 applications: 6 from descendants of HGRC members and 8 from descendants of HRSC members.

•    Of the 14 applicants, 6 are STEM students.

•    Of the 6 STEM students, 4 are HGRC descendants and 2 are HRSC descendants.

•    Of the 6 STEM students, 3 have a GPA of 4.0 or higher!


The Bridge
Our 2020-2021 academic year scholarship awards went to:

Julian Bailey     Arizona State University Microbiology
Ryan Carlo     University of Arizona Nursing
Tiana Louise Case     University of Arizona Communications, Thematic Humanities In Intercultural Studies, Spanish
Savanah DeHart     Northern Arizona University Art Education
Gabriella Mayers
    University of Arizona Law, Spanish
Jaicee Kay Morrow     University of Arizona Nursing
Paige Nye     University of Arizona Neuroscience and Cognitive Science
Marley Oakes
    Northern Arizona University History
Camille Unsworth     Arizona State University Applied Biological Science
Jeff Unsworth     Arizona State University Civil Engineering
Meghan van Dobben 
    Arizona State University
Secondary Education
Jaiden Wheeler     University of Arizona Psychology
Ashley Wiley     Northern Arizona University Accounting/Business Admin.
Carley Yeats     University of Arizona Management Information Systems/Spanish

The Bridge


April 1st is the deadline for application submission this academic year so be sure you get our information to them in a timely manner this year. We are updaing our on-line submission process and will detail that information in next month's newsletter. Her are the criteria:Here are the criteria:

  • Are you 50+ years of age and a member of the Honeywell Retiree Social Club or Honeywell-Garrett Retiree Club?

    •  Do you have a college student in your family who is your descendant (children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren and/or great-great grandchildren)?

    •  Are they currently enrolled at Arizona State University, Northern Arizona University or the University of Arizona as either an undergraduate or graduate student?

    •  Are they maintaining a 3.0 grade point average (GPA) or better?

If you can answer yes to all of the above, then your college student is eligible for a scholarship from the Honeywell Retiree Clubs Scholarship Foundation. This means FREE MONEY $$$ for your student to aid them with their college expenses, help them achieve their goals in life and become productive members of the community and society. These funds are available to our students through the generous contributions of our retiree club members and Honeywell. The scholarships usually range in value from $500-$1,500 per academic year, depending on the total donations.


  • The Scholarship Program is qualified as a 501(c)(3) so donations should be tax deductible on your state and federal returns (check with your tax advisor).
  • We live in a global economy.  The ability of the United States to maintain its leadership role in the world, and the resulting benefits which accrue to us as citizens, demand an educated workforce as well as educated citizens and voters.
  • Supporting education by donating to scholarships is in your own interest!  When you donate money to our scholarship fund, think of it as paying it forward by investing in a student’s future.
  • By helping someone afford a college education, you are raising their salary potential and hence the tax base. This is a good thing for everyone - better roads, better schools, better teachers, more doctors just to name a few.
  • Successful, well run communities attract more investment. Not to mention more folks with jobs paying into Social Security and Medicare which is something all retirees are interested in preserving.
  • Giving makes you feel good, strengthens personal values and shows your children and grandchildren what you care about.
  • Best of all, giving to the Honeywell Retiree Clubs Scholarship Foundation means every cent is used for scholarships.

Please review your charitable contributions and seriously consider adding this Scholarship Program to your list of worthy causes.

If you would like to donate at any time throughout our fiscal year, please make your check payable to:  Honeywell Retiree Clubs Scholarship Foundation.

You can mail your check, together with the form below, (or linked here), to either of:

Mary Harris
Doug Metzger
Scholarship Foundation Treasurer
Honeywell Retiree Social Club, Honeywell, Inc.
1860 Rose Garden Lane
Phoenix, AZ 85027-2704
HRSC Treasurer
Honeywell Retiree Social Club, Honeywell, Inc.
1860 Rose Garden Lane
Phoenix, AZ 85027-2704

The Bridge




– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Honeywell Retiree Clubs Scholarship Foundation Donation Form


Name: ______________________________________________________________________________________

Address, City, State, Zip: _______________________________________________________________________



Donation Amount: ___________________________________________

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –


This section, which is intended to highlight past scholarship recipients and their stories after graduating from college, needs input from you!  If you have a family member who has received our scholarship money and has graduated, please send them the Where Are They Now? form (located in the Scholarship Section at to Cheryl Wiley at  We appreciate your help!

If you have any questions; you can find information about our Scholarships on the website at  Click on the SCHOLARSHIPS button, (found on the left side of the Home Page and most other pages.) Our Foundation Board members are also happy to help.

Board Member
General Questions
Cheryl Wiley, Chair
Application Questions
Frank Holman
Contact for ASU - Arizona State University
Brian Unsworth
Contact for UA - University of Arizona
Paul Christopherson
Contact for NAU - Northern Arizona University
Cheryl Wiley
Mary Harris, Treasurer

Index of Reports & Photos of Past Events

Approximately one year of past events is shown to give an idea of the extent of club activities. Some have reports and photos.

See The Online Bridge in Archives for more details of these and older events.)

Skip to Index for Upcoming Events

Acronyms used to denote sponsorship for each event:
HRSC - Honeywell Retiree Social Club (Covers all parts of Honeywell, including GE, Garrett, Sperry, Bull, AlliedSignal, etc.)
HGRC - Honeywell-Garrett Retirees Club (Formerly known as Garrett Retirees' Club)
AAC - Aero Activities Club (Formerly known as Sperry Retiree Club)

                                                          Button Icon
Theatre Masks
Phoenix Theatre Presentation
HGRC - Mark Steele
Mar 6, 2019
PXG Icon PXG Golf Club Factory Tour
AAC - Steve Flood
Mar 15, 2019
Eyeglassses Essilor Eyeglass Lab Tour
AAC - Steve Flood
Mar 20, 2019
Guide Dog
Guide Dogs of the Desert Presentation
HGRC - Mark Steele
Apr 3, 2019
Theatre "Mamma Mia!" by Broadway Theatre Company
AAC - Lydia Gonzales
Apr 4, 2019
Picnic Honeywell-Garrett Spring Potluck Picnic
HGRC - Diane Bennett
Apr 10, 2019
Picnic Spring Potluck Picnic
HRSC - Mary Barkl
AAC - Larry Bowe

Apr 25, 2019
Brian Anton
Presentation by Former USAF and Southwest Airlines Pilot
HGRC - Mark Steele
May 1, 2019
MIM Bass
Musical Instrument Museum (MIM) Tour
AAC - Kaye Eibeck
May 9, 2019
                                                          Goldwater with
                                                          Movie Camera
Photographs by Barry M. Goldwater
The Arizona Highways Collection
AAC - Kaye Eibeck
May 14, 2019
Tim Mahoney Tim Mahoney President & CEO of Honeywell Aerospace
HGRC - Dolf Strom
Sep 4, 2019
Presentation: Dementia—Hospice of the Valley
HGRC - Dolf Strom
(Link is to HGRC Cliff Notes November newsletter which has report.)
Oct 2, 2019
Oktoberfest food and
HRSC- Barbara Rippstein
Oct 23, 2019
VC Engine Verde Canyon Railroad
AAC - Larry Bowe
Oct 26, 2019
AARP Fraud
Presentation from AARP: Fraud
HGRC - Dolf Strom
1pm at Scottsdale Senior Center, 1700 N Granite Reef Rd. (Presentation at 2pm follows HGRC club business & socializing.)
(Link is to info in HGRC Cliff Notes newsletter)
Nov 6, 2019
                                                          Castle Tovrea Castle Tour
AAC - Keith Hughes
Nov 8, 2019
Royal Princess Seven-Day Californian Coastal Cruise
HRSC - Barbara Rippstein

Nov 9, 2019
Commemorative Air Force Museum
AAC - Tom Leard
Nov 14, 2019
                                                          Castle Tovrea Castle Tour
AAC - Keith Hughes
Nov 16, 2019
El Zaribah Garrett Charity Holiday Luncheon at El Zaribah Shriners Temple
HGRC - Diane Bennett
(Scroll down to page 5 in linked Cliff Notes for description.)
Dec 11, 2019
Xmas Socks Christmas Luncheon
HRSC - Mary Barkl
- Steve Flood
Dec 12, 2019
RTVOS sawing RTVOS Volunteer Project for Boys & Girls Clubs of Phoenix
HRSC- Doug Metzger
Dec 14, 2019
Snake Presentation: Phoenix Herpetological Sanctuary
HGRC - Dolf Strom - 1pm at Scottsdale Senior Center, 1700 N Granite Reef Rd. (Presentation at 2pm follows HGRC club business & socializing.)
(Link is to info in HGRC Cliff Notes newsletter)
Jan 8, 2020
AZ Falls Arizona Falls
AAC - Kevin Vetter
Jan 14, 2020
Teddy Roosevelt RR Presentation: Teddy Roosevelt Rough Riders
HGRC - Dolf Strom 1pm at Scottsdale Senior Center, 1700 N Granite Reef Rd. (Presentation at 2pm follows HGRC club business & socializing.)
(Link is to info in HGRC Cliff Notes newsletter)
Feb 5, 2020
Lake Cruise
Lake Pleasant Cruise Tour
AAC- Steve Flood
Feb 26, 2020
Sanderson Car
Sanderson Village and Museum
AAC- Keith Hughes
Feb 28, 2020
How to sell on
Presentation: How to Sell on eBay
HGRC - Dolf Strom 1pm at Scottsdale Senior Center, 1700 N Granite Reef Rd. (Presentation at 2pm follows HGRC club business & socializing.)
(Link is to info in HGRC Cliff Notes newsletter)
Mar 4, 2020
Horses Racing
A Day at the Races
HRSC - Mary Barkl
Mar 18, 2020
Presentation: The Commemorative Air Force
HGRC - Dolf Strom 1pm at Scottsdale Senior Center, 1700 N Granite Reef Rd. (Presentation at 2pm follows HGRC club business & socializing.)
(Link is to info in HGRC Cliff Notes newsletter)
Apr 1, 2020
Chicago - Arizona Broadway Theatre
AAC - Kevin Vetter
                                 SOLD OUT

Mar 19 ABT announcement: "The current run of Chicago has been postponed indefinitely." 
Apr 2, 2020
Active Shooter
Presentation: Active Shooter
HGRC - Dolf Strom 1pm at Scottsdale Senior Center, 1700 N Granite Reef Rd. (Presentation at 2pm follows HGRC club business & socializing.)
(Link is to info in HGRC Cliff Notes newsletter)
May 6, 2020

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Event Ideas

Upcoming Events Index

Singles Welcome at all Events!

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Acronyms used to denote sponsorship for each event:

HRSC - Honeywell Retiree Social Club (Covers all parts of Honeywell, including GE, Garrett, Sperry, Bull, AlliedSignal, etc.)
HGRC - Honeywell-Garrett Retirees Club (Formerly known as Garrett Retirees' Club)
AAC - Aero Activities Club (Formerly known as Sperry Retiree Club)

Regardless of sponsoring organization(s), all events are open to members of all three retiree clubs.

NOTE: HRSC Sponsored programs and events, where payments are required in advance, will provide refunds any time there is no cost to the Club. We will make every effort to provide refunds when requested; however, for some events funds will have been committed by HRSC and will not be refunded.

Fire Dept
Hall of Flame Museum
HRSC - Kay Nye

September 17, 2020
MIM Bass Musical Instrument Museum

October 3, 2020
Panama Canal Cruise
HRSC - Barbara Rippstein


November 10, 2020
                                                        Thumbnail Commemorative Air Force Museum
AAC - Tom Leard
This is on, but masks and social distancing are required.
November 12, 2020
Tovrea Castle Tovrea Castle Tour
AAC - Keith Hughes

November 20, 2020

The following events were planned and have detailed descriptions, but were canceled due to the Coronavirus situation. They may be rescheduled or fully canceled.

Audubon Center
Rio Solado Audubon Center
AAC - Steve Flood

Was Apr 11, 2020.
Now may be rescheduled or fully canceled.

SW Plane
Southwest Airlines Maintenance Hangar Tour
AAC - Keith Hughes


Was Apr 15, 2020.
Now may be rescheduled or fully canceled.

Picnic HGRC Spring Picnic at Rencenberger Home in Tempe

Was Apr 15, 2020.
Now may be rescheduled or fully canceled.

Picnic HRSC-AAC Spring Picnic at Rio Vista Park, 8866 W Thunderbird Rd
HRSC - Mary Barkl
AAC - Larry Bowe

Was Apr 23, 2020.
Now may be rescheduled or fully canceled.

Central Arizona Project Informational Lecture at CAP Office
AAC - Steve Flood
Was May 13, 2020.


Sponsored by the Honeywell-Garrett Retirees Club (HGRC)

All presentations are typically held monthly at 2:00 p.m. at the Scottsdale Senior Center, 1700 North Granite Reef Road, Scottsdale, AZ 85257. Members of all retiree clubs are welcome.
Per Stu Mitnik, due to the closure of the Scottsdale Senior Center, their monthly Board meetings have been put on hold through November.

The Honeywell-Garrett Retirees Club (HGRC) has also cancelled all of their upcoming events through November. Their December activity is usually a holiday luncheon but that is still in doubt and TBD.

In addition, Stu will not be publishing the Cliff Notes newsletter for the month of September.

More information will be provided when it becomes available.
The Bridge

Eventd to
                                                          Look Forward

Upcoming Events Preview

These are events lacking a firm date and/or information. They will be moved up above to the Upcoming Events Index when sufficient information is available to create an entry with details of the event that is linked to from the Upcoming Events Index. Currently, links are to each organization's website, where known.

HGRC Meeting with speaker TBD
October 7, 2020
(September meeting canceled.)

Negotiating Retirement

October 20, 2020

Christmas Lunch

December 10, 2020

Shamrock Farms
Fall 2020

PXG (Parson's Xtreme Golf) Golf Factory Tour
The last PXG tour included: history of the company, introduction to the product/technology, a talk about the tour staff, viewing of the fitting studio and a walk through the build shop.
Fall 2020

Amazon Fulfilment Center Tours

Amazon now only accept bookings from individuals, not organizations, for groups of no more than 10. If you want to go on one of these tours, follow the link above to register; names and birth dates are required.

Recurring Lunches

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Lunch Buffet

Honeywell IAC Ole Timers
Hibachi Grill & Supreme Buffet,
10030 N Metro Pkwy E
(Second Monday of March, second Tuesday of June, second Wednesday of September, second Thursday of December)
All at 11:15 AM
Contact: Mary Barkl

Thu Dec 10, 2020

Bull Old-Timers Lunch Bunch
Old Country Buffet, 9620 N Metro Pkwy W
(Third week of month. First 4 months Tue; second 4 Wed; third 4 Thu.)
All at 11:30 AM
No indoor dining at Old Country Buffet.
Contact: Bob Hetrick

Thu Oct 15, 2020
Thu Nov 19, 2020
Thu Dec 17, 2020

The Honey-Bunch-Lunchers
Golden Corral, 5679 W Northern Ave
(First Tuesday of each month)
All at 11:30 AM
These lunch dates subject to cancelation.
Contact: Alfred Brenneise
Tue Oct 6, 2020
Tue Nov 3, 2020
Tue Dec 1, 2020

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List of Attendees.
See photos from the December 11, 2019 Honeywell IAC Ole Timers Lunch.
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Reports & Photos of Past Events

(Approximately one year of past events is shown to give an idea of the extent of club activities. Some have reports and photos.)

See back numbers of The Bridge in Archives for more details of these and older past events.

Phoenix Theatre Presentation

HGRC - Mark Steele

Wednesday March 6, 2019

The Phoenix Theatre was the topic of the March 6 meeting of the Honeywell-Garrett Retirees Club of Arizona.

Location: Scottsdale Senior Center, 1700 N Granite Reef Road (Just north of McDowell)

See photos of the meeting at:

MICHAEL BARNARD (Producing Artistic Director) Phoenix Theatre

Michael Barnard

Phoenix Theatre, formed in 1920, is the oldest arts organization in Arizona. A new building constructed in 1952 placed Phoenix Theatre in the heart of the developing art district which would grow to include Phoenix Art Museum and the Phoenix Library. The organization then embarked on many renovations of the space, culminating in a significant expansion in 2013 led by Michael. This expansion added a glass atrium lobby, additional rehearsal space, and a black box theatre, enhancing the creative vision of the Theatre and expanding programming.

Michael immediately began taking artistic risks when he joined Phoenix Theatre as Producing Artistic Director in 1993. His previous work included serving as Senior Show Director with the Walt Disney Corporation from 1991 to 1999 and as a director for Universal Studios of Osaka, Japan.

With Phoenix Theatre, He reached into the community, offering volunteer services to help charities and nonprofit organizations that could “utilize the arts, to articulate their message”. Under his leadership, Phoenix Theatre saw the world premiers
of new works, such as the musical Unbeatable, and advanced an annual Festival of New American Theatre, now entering its 20th year.  The theatre has earned prestigious new work development grants from the Shubert Foundation, Flynn Foundation, Herberger Foundation, Judith Hardes Foundation.

He was named 2009’s Artist of the Year at the Arizona Governor’s Arts Awards, received the National Arts and Letters Award for outstanding contribution to the field of Musical Theatre in 2011, and in 2015, received both the Leadership in Arts Award from th
e YWCA and the Arts Leader Award from the Phoenix Boys Choir.

During his presentation, he gave the following history of the Phoenix Theatre:

Established in 1920 as the ‘Phoenix Players’, Margret Bartlett Heard became the president of the ‘Phoenix Little Theater’ and her coach house was the location in 1923. In continuous operation since its beginning, the now named “Phoenix Theatre" is the 6th oldest continuing operating theatre in the United Sates.

In 1951 Margret Heard left land to the City of Phoenix for a 100 year lease for the theatre. This land is now also the site for the Phoenix Art Museum and the Phoenix Library. During its existence, the Shadegg, Herberger and Goldwater were all connected with, and played major roles in, the theatre’s success.

In 1936, Clare Booth Luce premiered the play ‘The Women’ at the theater. During WWII, The theatre operated as a venue for USO productions. L. Ron Hubbard in the 1950’s rented the theatre and gave his 1st speech on Scientology. Steven Spielberg began his career at the Phoenix Theatre building props. At age 17 in 1964, the Theatre was the site of the first ever showing of a Spielberg film.

In the late 1980s the now named ‘Phoenix Theatre Company’ joined Actors Equity, allowing the Company to produce their own work. Of note: all the shops required to produce presentations are housed in the same building as the three stages seating 380, 210 and 100 respectively.

Since its inception nearly 100 years ago, the Phoenix Theatre has hosted 1030 productions. The Theatre produces 10 or 11 shows yearly. It is now the developer of new works. On April 3 on the main stage, Phoenix Theatre Company will be hosting the world premier of “Sisters in Law”, a play based on Linda Hirshman's book about the relationship between polar opposites and modern-day legends, Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Sandra Day O’Connor.

Phoenix Theatre Company is located at 1825 N Central Avenue, Phoenix and also hosts an Art Bar and Bistro on the site.

PHX Theatre Mask Icon

Sponsored by the Honeywell-Garrett Retirees Club.

PXG Golf Club Factory Tour

AAC - Steve Flood

Friday March 15, 2019

Awaiting report and/or photos


The PXG (Parsons Extreme Golf) tour included: history of the company, introduction to the product/technology, a talk about the tour staff, viewing of the fitting studio and a walk through the build shop.

Sponsored by the Aero Activities Club.

Essilor Eyeglass Lab Tour
AAC - Steve Flood
Wednesday March 20, 2019
Awaiting report and/or photos

Essilor is the largest manufacturing company of eye wear in the world, with the latest technology. There is a laboratory at Meridian Optical in Phoenix which processes the lenses and coatings. This tour provided information on Essilor and explained the processes that are involved in making lenses. A tour of the lens making lab was included.

Sponsored by the Aero Activities Club.

Guide Dogs of the Desert Presentation

HGRC - Mark Steele

Wednesday April 3, 2019

See photos of the meeting at

Our featured speaker was Lori Murphy, a 17-year volunteer with Guide Dogs of the Desert, and she was joined by 3 other volunteers, 3 black Labrador Retrievers and 1 standard poodle. Guide Dogs of the Desert, a 501-c3 organization, custom trains guide dogs for the blind and visually impaired. A yearly calendar is one source of funds.

In addition to training, they also have an in-house breeding program. Dogs are selected for both brains and temperament. Most are Labs but some poodles are used as they are smaller and non-allergenic.

The volunteers at the meeting were all puppy raisers. Puppy raisers must apply to be selected to the program. Puppies are between 8-12 weeks old and 8-12 weeks are required to train each puppy. The puppies must be medically sound and housebroken, and the trainers are responsible for teaching basic obedience, house manners, and socializations at grocery stores, restaurants, public transit etc. Dogs are never fed by hand – only from bowls. The school, located in Palm Springs, CA, owns the dogs throughout training. After puppy training, the dogs go to California for an additional 3-9 months learning how to pull on harnesses, deal with elevation changes, traffic, overhangs, etc. to be fully capable of providing the required guidance for their eventual owner. Some dogs are not suitable for guide work but there are 3-5 partner organizations that will train those dogs for other tasks.

Upon completion of training, the dogs are paired with a visually impaired person based on application data that facilitates matching the person with the dog. Potential new owners undergo 28 days of training with a 40% graduation rate. There is ongoing support after graduation.

There are about 300 active dogs throughout the US and internationally. The current waiting list for dogs is between 50 and 75. 100 puppies are currently being raised and trained. And there are 30 breeder dogs in the program.

Interested in being a puppy raiser? More info at: programs/canine-program/


Sponsored by the Honeywell-Garrett Retirees Club.

"Mamma Mia!" by Arizona Broadway Theatre

AAC - Lydia Gonzales