May 2016

Plus event updates
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Newsletter of the Honeywell Retiree Social Club of Arizona

NOTE: This online version is a reformatted sub-set of the full version sent to paid-up members, with possible updates to event information since the Bridge was distributed.

For example, it does not contain names of recent retirees, new members, or members who have passed away, nor does it contain the list of member email addresses which is sent out from time to time. The full December edition of the Bridge included a list of email addresses for HRSC members.

Finally, there will typically be a delay of up to a week before a new month's version is posted here; if you want to get the Bridge as it comes off the press, become a member and request the full-color PDF version, the eBridge, which is sent by email. Note that the black-and-white paper Bridge is sent out by Honeywell, who outsource the task. It is typically delivered about two weeks after the PDF eBridge is delivered by email.

Reports & Photos of Past Events HOMEPAGE
Day at the Races Feb 23, 2016
Spring Potluck Picnic Mar 31, 2016
Southwest Airlines Maintenance Facility Tour
Apr 21, 2016

Upcoming Events HOMEPAGE
AZ Broadway Theatre  -  Best Little Whorehouse in Texas
May 5, 2016
Oktoberfest Oct 20, 2016
Tovrea Castle Tours
Nov 4, 11, 12, 2016
(Sold out)
Dec 2, 10, 2016
(Sold out)
 Jan 28, 2017 (Few tickets)
Feb 3, 2017 (Few tickets)
Day at the Races
Feb TBD 2017
Eastern Caribbean Cruise
Mar 5, 2017
Amazon Fulfillment Center (Warehouse) Tour
Mar 17, 2017
Spring Potluck Picnic Mar TBD 2017

Recurring Lunches

The Honey-Bunch-Lunchers
First Tuesday: May 3, Jun 7, Jul 5, Aug 2, Sep 6
Golden Corral, 5679 W. Northern, 11:30 am

Bull Old-Timers Lunch Bunch
May 18, Jun 15, Jul 20, Aug 17, Sep 15
Old Country Buffet, Metro Pkwy, 11:30 am

Honeywell IAC Ole Timers
Jun 7, Sep 7, Dec 8
Hibachi Grill Supreme Buffet, 10030 N. Metro Pkwy East- 11:15 am

See photos from the March 7 Honeywell IAC Ole Timers lunch.

In case Google ever abandons or changes Google +, all the photos can be downloded from the HRSC website as a ZIP file. (If your browser does not automatically unzip the file and create a folder containing all the photos as individual files, you will need to do this manually.)

July 4 pic

Have a wonderful
Memorial Day
4th of July holiday!

Please note: Other than updates to the online Bridge, this is the last Bridge Newsletter until the September issue.

Renewal Reminder

Past President's Perspective

Vic Fragnito FaceWe have completed a successful club year. I hope everyone enjoyed the club activities. We had an excellent couple of "Amazon Tours"' a great "Day at the Races", a fabulous "Oktoberfest" and "Spring Picnic", and a merry "Christmas Dinner".

I want to thank everyone for voting for our new Board. Congratulations to all the winners and I am confident that Ed Taschner and team will make the club even better. Check out the complete list of new and old directors and officers on the last page of the Bridge.

The most labor intensive and time consuming activities the club offers is the "Oktoberfest" and "Spring Picnic". Pat and Darrel Golic have presided over these events superbly for three straight years. The entire club owes them a big THANK YOU
for their efforts.

This is my final year with the Board. I have enjoyed my time on the Board and want to thank everyone for their support. I hope each of you enjoys your time this summer playing in the sun. Be careful, healthy, and we will see you next year.

Vic Fragnito

From the Editor

A variety of information for members can be found on the HRSC website; just click the menu buttons at the left of most pages. For example: HONEYWELL HISTORY provides the history of Honeywell (now from multiple sources), ARCHIVES offers back editions of the online Bridge, minutes of board meetings, Treasurer's reports and Webmaster's reports, and EVENT SCHEDULE has the latest information on upcoming events. The PHOENIX AREA ATTRACTIONS page has been updated and now has many new attractions—have a look, you might find something that interests you.

Do you have a new address or e-mail? Be sure to send us the updated information: or Honeywell Retiree Social Club, 1860 W. Rose Garden Lane, Phx. AZ 85027- 2704

If there is something that you would like to see in the newsletter, write to the editor! We will publish it, subject to space availability and the approval of the Board. Please address any comments or questions to the editor at the HRSC email address or Honeywell Retiree Social Club, 1860 W. Rose Garden Lane, Phoenix, AZ 85027-2704. Any comments or claims made within the publication are solely the responsibility of the author(s) and do not necessarily express the views of Honeywell Inc. or the Directors, Officers, Staff or members of the Honeywell Retiree Social Club of Arizona.


Honeywell Retiree Social Club (HRSC) is a social organization in Arizona for Honeywell International, Inc. retirees. This organization will be open without regard to prior class of employment, race, creed, sex or geographical residence.

HRSC will provide activities, programs (such as Fix-It Guys and Scholarship Program) and projects of interest to retirees and spouses. It will facilitate effective communications between members, other Honeywell retiree clubs and Honeywell International, Inc. It will provide opportunities to renew acquaintances and promote fellowship among retirees, and will assist retirees in maintaining and enhancing the image of Honeywell International, Inc., in the eyes of the public.

Thank you to the "FIX-IT Guys"

"Thank you so much for the excellent service! Called in the morning and my bed was fixed a few hours later by Bob Farney.  You can always count on him to do a good job!"

L. Passage



Sponsored by the Honeywell & Sperry Retiree Clubs

Fix It Guy

We can help Honeywell retirees or surviving spouses with fix-it jobs around the house that you are not able to accomplish. This will hopefully keep the job from being a budget buster for you.

Call us at the appropriate number below and leave a clear message giving job information, your name, telephone number and nearest cross streets.

Nick Hughes (coordinator for East Valley 480-463-6572)
Clint Langford (coordinator for North Valley 602-765-4466)

We can probably help and will get back to you as quickly as practical.

We furnish the labor at no cost to you; you furnish the cost of the parts.

Below is a list of volunteer Fix-It Guys from both the East and North Valley.

East Valley

Mike Briske Frank Holman Warren Koepsec Charlie Paine
Bob Davenport Nick Hughes Stu Mitnik Ken Probert
Mike Griffin Jim King Chuck Mottet

North Valley

Gene Kupka Roy Newbold Ed Skutecki
Clint Langford Lee Rippstein
Dan Schoff
Bob Farney
Wally Secosky
Matt Schuetz

Mortar Board

Honeywell Retiree Clubs Scholarship Foundation

The Honeywell Retiree Clubs Scholarship Foundation is in the process of notifying five students that they will each receive Scholarships of $1,800 for school year 2016-2017.
We are unable to release the names of the scholarship winners at this time, because we are still in the process of notifying the students and schools. Award winners and articles about each of the five students will begin with the September issue of this newsletter.

Don’t forget, if you have a child or grandchild that is enrolled in Arizona State University, Northern Arizona University, or University of Arizona, they may be eligible to apply for one of the Scholarships next year. Applications and guidelines are available from our website,

A special “THANK YOU” to everyone that has helped make these Scholarships possible; Honeywell Inc., Garrett Retiree Club, Honeywell Retiree Social Club, and so many of our caring members. Our Scholarship Recipients repeatedly tell us how much they appreciate
the money the Honeywell Scholarship provides, and how important it is to each of them.

 If you have questions about the Scholarships, or suggestions for how to improve our Scholarship process, please contact one of the Board members.

Dawn Orgill, Chair and NAU Representative
Phone: 602 881 7772

Gwen Scheetz, Secretary/Treasurer
Phone: 602 616 9889

Bob Davenport, ASU Representative
Phone: 480 560 6273

Frank Holman, UofA Representative
Phone: 602 695 2565
Scholarships icon

Meet 2015-2016 NAU Scholarship Recipient
                                      Christina Keigher Wachter

Christina Wachter

Meet 2015-2016 NAU Scholarship Recipient Christina Keigher Wachter, daughter of Ben (Ventura) Lopez, an HRSC member.

Christina is not our typical scholarship recipient. She is 36 years old and the proud mother of two.

Christina says she had her children young and felt that being a mom was going to be her career, but then life intervened. Christina’s husband was involved in a bad accident in 2005. Christina became his caregiver. This hard time proved to Christina that she was personally capable of more than she realized. The year Christina spent as a caregiver opened her eyes to a dream that she never knew existed. She realized that what she wanted to do was become a nurse and help make a family’s day better, as so many nurses had done for her family.

Christina began taking nursing classes at Glendale Community College. Along the way, the NAU CEP program (Concurrent Enrollment Program) was created. (The Maricopa Nursing/Northern Arizona University Concurrent Enrollment Associate Degree/Baccalaureate Degree Nursing Program is designed for qualified associate degree nursing students who are interested in earning their Bachelors of Science in Nursing (BSN) degree while pursuing their associate’s degree in nursing.) Christina fell in love with nursing education in a way she never knew was possible. Once again life proved to her exactly what she was capable of accomplishing.

This amazing journey led to her December 2015 graduation from both GCC and NAU. Christina graduated with honors from her GCC program and was awarded the Professional Growth Award. She was chosen for this award by the nursing faculty as the student who entered nursing school without prior health care experience that showed the most growth, both personally and professionally, as well as had shown superior qualities in developing and maintaining interpersonal relationships with peers, faculty, and staff in the clinical agencies. Christina graduated cum laude at her NAU graduation. In February, Christina took her nursing boards and became a registered nurse. Currently she is applying for Mayo’s Nurse Residency Program and is hopeful to start her nursing career there.

Christina was very excited to receive the Honeywell Scholarship and wanted us to know that with the scholarship money she was able to work less during her Public Health summer school class and was able to volunteer in the community more. Through her volunteer hours, she was able to help homeless teens in the community find food and clothing, which opened her eyes to more nursing opportunities that would help those in need. She is extremely thankful for the opportunities that were made available by being the Honeywell Retiree Scholarship recipient and will forever be grateful for the committee selecting her.

Day at the Races
Tuesday Feb 23, 2016

Day at the Races photo

A perfect day in Arizona for a horse race. Forty-one happy people wined and dined on the unlimited buffet and then tried their luck on the horses. Many won, some lost, but all were excited and had a great time. We had a race named after the Club and then had the opportunity to stand in the winner's circle. The horse was owned by the owner of Barro's Pizza and this race was the first time this horse won. If you made the right bet, it paid $30 to win. Hope to see everyone, and more, next year.

Spring Potluck Picnic

March 31, 2016 - Thursday

Link to Rick Carter's Photos
(The title of the photo page is "Ole Timers Picnic," but this is the HRSC Spring Potluck Picnic.)
In case Google ever abandons or changes Google Photos, all the photos can be downloded from the HRSC website as a ZIP file. (If your browser does not automatically unzip the file and create a folder containing all the photos as individual files, you will need to do this manually.)

Picnic photos 1
Picnic photos 2

SW PlaneSouthwest Airlines Maintenance Facility Tour
Thursday - April 21, 2016

Sponsored by the Sperry Retiree Club

Arizona Broadway Theater Heading
Best Little Whorehouse in Texas
Best Little Whorehouse in Texas
Thursday, May 5, 2016

It’s the late 1970s and the happy-go-lucky town of Gilbert, Texas has just been put on the map when a crusading television reporter aims his camera at a favorite, local “destination” - The Chicken Ranch.

Frequented by governors, senators, mayors and even victorious college football teams for more than a century, the town is now faced with recounting the good times as they struggle with the demise of their best pleasure palace. Made famous by Burt Reynolds and Dolly Parton, The Best Little Whore-house In Texas is a charming, lively and genial show that will leave you laughing for days with songs like “Girl, You’re A Woman” “Twenty Four Hours of Lovin” and “No Lies.”

Arizona Broadway Theatre - 77th Avenue & Paradise Lane
12:00 pm
  2:00 pm
Lydia Gonzales
$55 per person (Includes dinner, coffee, tea, show, tax, and gratuity.)
Please make checks payable to Sperry Retirees Club and mail to:
Lydia Gonzales, 7028 West Taro Lane, Glendale, AZ 85308    All checks due April 13, 2016.

Sponsored by the Sperry Retiree Club

Oktoberfest image



Information will be added when available

Oktoberfest in Bavarian Script

Tovrea castle

Tovrea Castle Tours
  Jan & Feb 2017
(Nov 4, 11, 12, Dec 2, 10, 2016 - Sold Out)

The club has purchased 48 tickets for next year and offered them to members on the waiting list from this year. The following tickets are available: 

•    Jan 28th, 2017 at 10 am  5 tickets
•    Feb 3rd , 2017 at 10 am  13 tickets

ACTION. If you are interested please e-mail Keith Hughes at with your first and second choice.

Tours are approximately 2 hours and include the historic Castle's main floor and basement, extensive grounds and cactus gardens surrounding the Castle.

Guests are greeted by Tovrea Carraro Society volunteers at the Visitor Center and taken through the Carraro Cactus Gardens on a tram with a dcent. The tour winds through the beautiful 44 acres, viewing the outer buildings, before arriving at Tovrea Castle.

Sponsored by the Sperry Retiree Club

Horses Racing


Feb TBD, 2017 – Tuesday at 11:00 AM

Free Parking:

Turf Paradise Park, 1501 West Bell Rd
Use the Turf Club entrance on 19th Avenue
$24.00 per person

Package includes: Parking, Admission, How to Wager Guide, Senior Buffet Lunch, Coffee/Tea, Dessert, Tax, Gratuity & Winner Circle Photo.

The retiree clubs will have a race named after them.

Coordinator: Victor Fragnito    602-908-0740

at the Turf Club at 11 AM;    Lunch: 11:30 AM - 1:30 PM; First Race: 1:00 PM

Reservation Due Date (Received by Vic):    TBD

Make checks payable to: Treasurer, HRSC;   send to: Vic Fragnito, 6922 W. Garfield St., PHX, AZ 85043

The 2017 Senior Buffet Lunch

Mixed salad greens
Tossed Caesar salad
Paradise pasta salad
House made cole slaw
Fresh fruit salad
Country potato salad

Roast breast of turkey
Cranberry sauce
Brisket of beef
Horseradish sauce
Assorted breads, muffins, rolls, etc.
Apple cobbler
Assorted pies
Assorted cookies
Coffee and tea

Vruise flyer page 1
Cruise flyer page 2

Amazon Fulfillment Center (Warehouse) Tour

Mar 17, 2017

This tour is sold out, but if you want to add your name to the wait list, contact Ed Taschner at

For those of you who are expecting to go on the tour, please tell Ed immediately if you find you are unable to go, so that someone from the wait list can take your place. (We have had several no-shows in the past.) Note that 72 hours' notice is required in order to notify Amazon of the change.

2017 Spring Picnic

Mar TBD, 2017

Information will be added when available

HRSC Email:
Honeywell Retiree Benefits: 1-877-258-3699 -
The Bridge - Published monthly except for June, July, and August.
HRSC annual dues: $5.00 (multiple-year memberships recommended)

NOTE: HRSC sponsored programs and events, where payments are required in advance, will provide refunds anytime there is no cost to the Club. We will make every effort to provide refunds when requested; however, for some events funds have been committed by the HRSC and will not be refunded.