February 2015


Newsletter of the Honeywell Retirees of Arizona

Upcoming Events

Day at the Races

February 17

Amazon Fulfillment Center Tour

March 20 & May 8

Spring Potluck Picnic

March 26

Annual Membership Meeting
Topic: Can the Social Security, System be Saved?

April 16

Tim Mahoney Presentation

May 6

Canada & New England Cruise

September 26

Tovar Castle with Stockyards Luncheon

TBD 2015


February has more than Valentine's Day. February 17th is "Random Acts of Kindness Day". And, you know what to do...perform a few random acts of kindness. Almost any kind deed will do. And, we highly recommend you perform kind acts on as many people as you can.

Caution: What comes around, goes around. Random Acts of Kindness is highly contagious!

President's Perspective

The Musical Instrument Museum (MIM) tour went well, many of the displays were different from the last time we visited. The MIM now has all of its floor space filled and they even have a Taylor Swift exhibit spanning her life and music career.

Day at the Races, scheduled for February 17th, has 51 members ready to join us for lunch and then sit back and see those beautiful horses run. Come join us, the cutoff for reservations is just around the corner.

The Spring Pot Luck should be another successful event. Pat and Judy have come up with another quiz, it's based on Arizona history, you'll need to study up for this one! Judy has also come up with a little ditty (song), creative girl that she is, so don't be surprised if you end up singing along.

It is also time to vote for new Board Members and officers; you will see the ballot in next month’s Bridge. Make sure you vote for your favorite board member.

The Annual Member Meeting is scheduled for April 16th, right after you get your taxes filed, make sure you have your reservations in before then.

You may be getting a call in February from a Board member. We are looking for people who want to come and join us in the planning and executing of events. Currently, we are seeking a Treasurer, someone who will maintain the HRC books and balance sheets for us. If you are interested in either being our Treasurer or just joining the HRC Board, give me a call. Mary Barkl, 602-863-6939.


Officers - Directors and Staff

President - Mary Barkl


Editor - Linda Gregerson


Past President - Victor Fragnito


Photographer - Rick Carter

602 920-6044

Vice President -  Wally Estfan


Director - Ibis Valles


Treasurer - Francis Cartwright


Director - Bala Visvanahan


Secretary - Ed Taschner


Director - Judy Edmond


Webmaster - Russ Henzel


Director - Kevin Harris


Membership - Darrel Golic


Director - Patricia Golic


Cruises – Barbara Rippstein


Director- Gwen Scheetz




Director - Dawn Orgill

602 -881-7772

HRC Email: Hotline@hrcaz.org
Honeywell Retiree Benefits: 1-877-258-3699 - http://www.honeywell.com/sites/retiree/
The Bridge - Published monthly except for June, July, and August.
HRC Annual dues: $5.00 (multiple year memberships recommended)

The Honey-Bunch-Luncher’s – First Tuesday: Mar 3, Apr 7, May 5, June 2, Jul 7, Aug 4, Sept 1, Oct 6, Nov 3, Dec 1
Old Country Buffet, Metro Pkwy, 11:30 am

Bull Old-Timers Lunch Bunch – 3rd Thursday:  Feb 19, Mar 19, Apr 16, May 21,
June 18, July 16, Aug 20, Sept 17, Oct 15, Nov 19, Dec. 17
Old Country Buffet, Metro Pkwy, 11:30 am

Honeywell Ole Timer’s Luncheons
Mar 9, Jun 9, Sept 9, Dec. 10:
Hibachi Grill Supreme Buffet, 10030 N. Metro Pkwy East- 11:15 am

Note: HRC sponsored programs and events where payments are required in advance, refunds will be provided anytime there is no cost to our Club. We will make every effort to provide refunds when requested, however in some cases funds have been committed by the HRC and will not be refunded.

From the Editor

Interested in the history of Honeywell or looking for an old edition of The Bridge? This and other information can be found on the HRC webpage www.hrcaz.org.

Do you have a new address or e-mail? Be sure to send us the updated information: Hotline@hrcaz.org or Honeywell Retiree Club, 1860 W. Rose Garden Lane, Phx, AZ 85027-2704

If there is something that you would like to see in the newsletter, write a letter to the editor! We will publish it, subject to space availability and the approval of the Board. Please address any comments or questions to the editor at the HRC email address Hotline@hrcaz.org or Honeywell Retiree Club, 1860 W. Rose Garden Lane, Phoenix, AZ 85027-2704. Any comments or claims made within the publication are solely the responsibility of the author(s) and do not necessarily express the views of Honeywell Inc. or the Directors, Officers, Staff or members of the Arizona Honeywell Retiree Club.

Fix it Guys

Sponsored by the Honeywell & Sperry Retiree Clubs

We can help Honeywell retirees or surviving spouses with fix-it jobs around the house that you are not able to do. This will hopefully keep the job from becoming a budget buster for you.

Call us at the appropriate number below and leave a clear message giving job information, your name, telephone number and nearest cross streets.

    Nick Hughes 480-463-6572 (coordinator for East Valley )
    Clint Langford 602-765-4466 (coordinator for North Valley )

We can probably help and will get back to you as quickly as practical.
We furnish the labor at no cost to you; you furnish the cost of the parts.

East Valley

  Mike Briske Nick Hughes Chuck Moffet
  Bob Davenport Jim King Charlie Paine
  Mike Griffin Warren Koepsec Ken Probert
  Frank Holman Stu Mitnik  

North Valley

  Gene Kupka Lee Rippstein Dan Schott
  Clint Langford Wally Secosky Matt Schuetz
  Bob Farney Ed Skutecki Paul Simison
  Roy Newbold    

Honeywell Retiree’s Club Scholarship Program

Meet 2014 UofA Scholarship Winner
Hailey Marie Davenport

Hailey Marie Davenport is the daughter of Steve Davenport, Allied Signal Engineering, 15 years and granddaughter of Robert Davenport, Allied Signal Engineering, retired.

"A runner, dancer, problem solver, hard worker, Type 1 diabetic, college student, daughter, sister, and friend, this is who I am. Diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes as a high school freshman has been challenging, but has also made me the hard worker I am today. Type 1 is an unforgiving disease that takes a continuous toll on my body and wellbeing while needing constant attention. Two years ago I was accepted into the Biomedical Engineering program in the College of Engineering at the University of Arizona. Taking over 15 credits each semester has advanced me to Senior status in less than three years, while also working over twenty hours a week, training for running, dancing, fundraising for JDRF and striving to keep myself healthy. My family is very supportive and my parents are my biggest role models. They have both worked incredibly hard their entire lives and to see their success and selflessness is inspirational. While pursuing my education, I have found my disease tries to limit me from being the best I can be. I feel like I have to work twice as hard as some of my fellow students because my disease takes such a toll on my health every minute of every day. I hope to become a Biomedical Engineer so I can help develop new devices that will help many people like me who have incurable lifethreatening diseases. I hope to be an inspiration to children facing health obstacles because I have already accomplished so much despite the challenges diabetes has brought me. The Honeywell Scholarship Program has been instrumental in helping me to achieve these goals."


If you have a family member interested in applying for one of our scholarships, we would like to help make the process easier.

Each year the Scholarship Committee works with Arizona State University (ASU), Northern Arizona University (NAU) and University of Arizona (UofA), to ensure that our application is available to students. Each school has their own unique process, and because they offer many scholarships the school’s application process can sometimes be confusing. The Scholarship Committee would like to help. Each school now has a designated representative from the Scholarship Committee, who is familiar with the Scholarship process at that school. If you have a family member that is considering applying for one of our scholarships, please contact the designated Scholarship Committee representative, listed below. They will help guide you through the process and ensure that the application submitted is reviewed during the awards process.

    ASU: Wally Estfan: westfan@cox.net; 602-841-1189
    NAU: Gwen Scheetz: scheetzgwen@cox.net; 602-616-9889
    UofA: Frank Holman: frankholman@cox.net; 602-695-2565

Eligibility Requirements:

  1. Candidates must re-apply annually. Cutoff date for applications is Friday March 6, 2015.
  2. Students must be a descendant of an active or deceased member of Honeywell or Garrett Retirees Club. A deceased member is defined as a member who passed away while holding active membership in one of the two clubs.
  3. Students must have attained a 3.0 or better grade point average (GPA).
  4. Students must be entering a sophomore, junior, senior or graduate course of study. Enrolled freshmen may apply during the second freshman semester for their sophomore year, providing they attain a 3.0 GPA or greater in their first semester (second semester GPA will be considered for the award).
  5. Students may be enrolled in any field of study, although preference may be given to a student who is enrolled in a technical field, in the event two or more applicants qualify for the same scholarship award.

The Team is looking for your help. Our Team would like to hold a fundraiser to supplement the Honeywell Retirees Club Scholarship Fund. We are looking for ideas that would be fun and something that our membership (and perhaps even active Honeywell employees) would like to be involved in. Like to golf? Interested in attending an auction? If you have an idea, or would like to volunteer to help the Team with a fund raiser, please let one of our Team Members know.

Scholarship Committee:

Musical Instrument Museum Tour

The event was attended by 8 club members. From left-to-right: Darrel Golic, Joyce (MIM Tour Guide), Rod & Irena Larsen, Pat Golic, Dawn Orgill, Gwen Sheetz, Judy & Jim Edmond.

Our guide provided an informative tour of all MIM display areas while adding additional information about the displays and the museum not readily available to the unguided visitor. Following the tour participants divided into small groups to revisit on their own the areas of most interest to them.

Prior to the beginning of the tour many of the attendees took advantage of the MIM's cafeteria to have lunch


Day at the Races
Tuesday February 17 –  at 11:00 AM

PLEASE NOTE: Reservation Due Date: Feb 4, 2015

Where: Turf Paradise, 1501 West Bell Road
Free Parking: Use the Turf Club Entrance on 19th Ave.
Cost: $24 per person


Package includes:

Parking, Admission, How to Wager Guide, Senior Buffet Lunch, Coffee/Tea,
Dessert, Tax, Gratuity & Winner Circle Photo. The retiree clubs will have a race named after them.


Victor Fragnito, 602-908-0740 e008821@cox.net

Cutoff Date:

Feb 4, 2015


Arrive at 11:00 AM at the Turf Club


Make your check payable to: Treasurer, HRC
Mail to: Vic Fragnito, 6922 W. Garfield St. Phoenix, AZ 85043-2368

The 2015 Senior Buffet Lunch


Mixed salad greens
Tossed Caesar salad
Paradise pasta salad
House made Cole slaw
Fresh fruit salad
Country potato salad


Roast breast of turkey
Cranberry sauce
Brisket of beef
Horseradish sauce
Assorted breads, muffins, rolls


Apple cobbler
Assorted pies
Assorted cookies and brownies
Coffee and tea

Amazon Fulfillment Center Tour

The second Amazon Fulfillment Center tour is scheduled for Friday, March 20, 2015 at 10 am and all 30 slots are filled.

A third tour scheduled for Friday, May 8 was announced last month and all 30 slots were filled within a week. If you are interested in placing yourself on a waiting list please contact Ed Taschner at EdTaschner@cox.net. Include your Club affiliation, contact phone#, and name of your spouse or guest who will accompany you.

Amazon has cut us off after three tours, but there has been so much interest we are trying to get an additional tour scheduled sometime in the future. Stay tuned.

For those of you scheduled for one of the above tours look for more details and direction as we move closer to your dates. PLEASE notify Ed if you need to cancel so he can fill your slot with one of those waiting.

Spring Potluck Picnic
March 26, 2015, 10:00 AM - 1:00 PM

No Reservations Required
“Split the Pot Tickets $1.00, or Seven for $5.00”
50/25/25 Split the Pot


Where: Rio Vista Park - Ramada's 8 and 9
8866 W Thunderbird Rd, Peoria
Time: 10:00 am until 1:00 pm with lunch served around 11:00
Cost: No charge to HRC members and guests; just bring a dish to share.
Prizes: There will be prizes and Split-the -Pot

Your Honeywell Retirees Club will provide baked ham, rolls, coffee, tea and water, as well as plates, utensils, condiments, etc. Attendees are asked to bring a covered dish to share; such as a hot casserole, baked beans, salad or dessert of your choice. Get out your favorite recipes and prepare your specialty to share with others. We will have a beer permit. You may bring your own beer or soft drinks if you would like. Please no glass containers. (Park Rules)

Coordinator: Pat Golic - 480-563-1978-dgolic@cox.net-Judy Edmond at 623-972-5237-jedmond6@cox.net


Thursday April 16th

Speaker: Dick Morse - AARP Arizona Congressional Affairs Volunteer
Topic: Status of Social Security, Can the System be Saved?

Our speaker will give an update on Social Security, can it survive? This is a topic of interest to many retirees, and if not for them maybe for a family member. Bring your questions for the Q and A session or email them to Gwen Scheetz before the meeting.


Arrowhead Country Club 19888 N 73rd Avenue, Glendale, AZ 85308


April 16th


9:00am – 12:00pm


$16 per person. Make checks payable to: Treasurer, HRC; Send to: Gwen Scheetz, 5640 E. Everett Dr. Scottsdale, AZ 85254 , Note on check "Annual Meeting


Gwen Scheetz, 602-616-9889 scheetzgwen@cox.net for information & reservations


Scrambled Eggs, Bacon, or Sausage, Breakfast Potatoes, Chef’s selection of Breakfast Pastry served with Butter, Fruit Preserves, Coffee, Decaf and Tea.

Garret and Sperry Club members are welcome. The HRC Annual Member Meeting "Wrap Up" will take place after the conclusion of the speaker's presentation.


Don't miss this event. Circle the date on your calendar and make your reservations now.

Tim Mahoney Presentation

The State of Honeywell Aerospace

Wednesday, May 6, 2015, 2pm

Tim Mahoney, President of Honeywell Aerospace and one of the top 5 leaders in the Honeywell Corporation, will be at the Scottsdale Senior Center at 1700 Granite Reef Road, Scottsdale.

He usually speaks on the financial health of the company, market share achievements, technical initiatives and break-throughs such as the electric taxi system involving French-based partner Safran Aerospace and the new HPW3000 engine co-designed and produced with Pratt & Whitney.

Tim’s presentations are always interesting and sometimes entertaining. He is always accessible and spends a significant amount of time answering a wide range of questions. This one’s a “Must Attend” function if you’re interested in where the Company is headed.


“Where history and natural beauty come alive”

Why Cruise Canada & New England?
You don’t have to go far to discover charming ports, stunning national parks and rich history. You’ll follow in the footsteps of America’s forefathers in cities like Newport and Boston, see thebright lights of New York City and be seduced by French-infused Nova Scotia. You’ll see the best-known sights, such as the lighthouse at Peggy’s Cove in Halifax or the churches of Saint John.

Barbara Rippstein invites you to sail from New York City on September 26, 2015 aboard the new REGAL PRINCESS. First, you’ll enjoy a relaxing day at sea. Then, the fun begins when you call at Halifax, Nova Scotia. Next, you’ll have a full day in Saint John, New Brunswick port for the Bay of Fundy. Bar Harbor, Maine is our next port of call. You may want to take a shore excursion to Arcadia National Park here. Then it's on to Boston and the historic freedom trail. Finally, visit Newport, Rhode Island, the chosen playground for the Vanderbilts, one of America’s wealthiest families. Return to New York City where you may want to extend your stay for a few days, take in a Broadway play or visit Staten Island.

Princess Cruises offers the most affordable balcony staterooms, freedom and flexibility in dining choices, and unmatched service. Make your plans now and take advantage of the best staterooms and our Princess 50th Anniversary Sale prices.

Sale prices and benefits are good until 2/26/2015.

Princess 50th Anniversary Sale Cruise Prices:
Inside stateroom prices from $999 per person, share double basis (Category IF).
Obstructed view balcony prices from $1,399 per person, share double basis (Category BZ).
Balcony stateroom prices from $1,499 per person, share double basis (Category BF).
Mini-suite prices from $1,799 per person, share double basis (Category MF).
ADD: $145 Taxes, Fees and Port Expenses to the above cruise prices.

Special 50th Anniversary Benefits: Free $50.00 per person onboard credit and dinner for two in one of our Specialty restaurants.

$100.00 Onboard Credit for Retired Military Personnel and Veterans with an Honorable Discharge on this cruise!

For complete details and reservations contact Ford’s World Travel:

    13593 Camino Del Sol • Sun City West
    Tel # (623) 975-1800

    14621 N. Del Webb Blvd. • Sun City
    Tel # (623) 933-8256



COORDINATOR: BARBARA RIPPSTEIN 623-566-1572 rippy60@yahoo.com