November, 2014


Newsletter of the Honeywell Retirees of Arizona

The Honeywell & Sperry Retiree Clubs sponsor these events

Upcoming 2014 - 2015 SCHEDULED Events

Honeywell Christmas Dinner Party

PLEASE NOTE: All reservations are due and
payable by Tuesday, Dec. 2nd

December 11

Musical Instrument Museum

January TBD

Day at the Races

February 17

Spring Potluck Picnic

March 26

Tovar Castle with
Stockyards Luncheon

TBD 2015

President's Perspective

The October picnic was a fun time for all, Pat and Judy had a great mixer and the event went well. The food was excellent this year and the wind did not come up, but it was still a wee bit warm. We had a door prize winner, a mixer winner and two people won $26 each from the 50/25 pot.

The Amazon tour scheduled for September was rebooked for October and everyone was truly impressed and amazed with the tour. Ed hosted this event and with all the interest, the next tour is going to be in early 2015 and it is already filled with a waiting list so there will be second one booked in 2015.

HRC is ready for our Christmas Dinner/Dance function, now we just need you, the members, to make your reservations with Barbara or Shirley so you can eat, drink and dance to the music by the Breeze. We will have a singles table, so come join us.

The day at the races is coming up and will be fun for all. The spring picnic is close behind and lots of good food and awesome desserts show up at this event, thanks to you, the members.

Many positions have changed this season, new president, new vice president, new data base administrator, new secretary, new editor, so we have some challenges upon us for the 2014-2015 seasons.

***News Alert News Alert News Alert*** Change from May Bridge Publication

We had some major issues with the location/place planned for the Christmas Dinner/Dance. The menu is basically the same, but the location has changed to the Arrowhead Country Club, 19888 N. 73rd Avenue just off of the 101.

We regret these last minute changes but did not think the planned location would be able to perform as you the members require.


Officers - Directors and Staff

President - Mary Barkl


Editor - Linda Gregerson


Past President - Victor Fragnito



Open Position

Vice President -  Wally Estfan


Director - Ibis Valles


Treasurer - Francis Cartwright


Director - Bala Visvanahan


Secretary - Ed Taschner


Director - Judy Edmond


Webmaster - Russ Henzel


Director - Kevin Harris


Membership - Darrel Golic


Director - Patricia Golic


Cruises – Barbara Rippstein


Director- Gwen Scheetz




Director - Dawn Orgill

602 -881-7772

HRC Email:
Honeywell Retiree Benefits: 1-877-258-3699 -
The Bridge - Published monthly except for June, July, and August.
HRC Annual dues: $5.00 (multiple year memberships recommended)

The Honey-Bunch-Luncher’s – First Tuesday: Nov. 4 and Dec. 2, Old Country Buffet, Metro Pkwy, 11:30 am

Bull Old-Timers Lunch Bunch – 3rd Thursday:  Nov. 20 and Dec. 18
Old Country Buffet, Metro Pkwy, 11:30 am

Honeywell Ole Timer’s Luncheons - Dec 11, 11:15 am:
Hibachi Grill Supreme Buffet, 10030 N. Metro Pkwy East

Letters to the Editor

If there is something that you would like to see in the newsletter, write a letter to the editor! We will publish it, subject to space availability and the approval of the Board. Please address any comments or questions to the editor at the HRC address. Any comments or claims made within the publication are solely the responsibility of the author(s) and do not necessarily express the views of Honeywell Inc. or the Directors, Officers, Staff or members of the Arizona Honeywell Retiree Club (HRC).

HRC sponsored programs and events where payments are required in advance, refunds will be provided anytime there is no cost to our Club. We will make every effort to provide refunds when requested, however in some cases funds have been committed by the HRC and will not be refunded.

Fix it Guys

Sponsored by the Honeywell & Sperry Retiree Clubs

We can help Honeywell retirees or surviving spouses with fix-it jobs around the house that you are not good at or are unable to do and prevent these jobs from becoming budget busters.

Call us at the appropriate number below and leave a clear message giving job information, your name, telephone number and nearest cross streets.

    Nick Hughes (coordinator for East Valley 480-463-6572)
    Clint Langford (coordinator for North Valley 602-765-4466)

We can probably help and will get back to you as quickly as practical.
We furnish the labor at no cost to you; you furnish the cost of the parts.

East Valley

  Mike Briske Nick Hughes Chuck Moffet
  Bob Davenport Jim King Charlie Paine
  Mike Griffin Warren Koepsec Ken Probert
  Frank Holman Stu Mitnik  

North Valley

  Gene Kupka Lee Rippstein Dan Schott
  Clint Langford Wally Secosky Matt Schuetz
  Bob Farney Ed Skutecki Paul Simison
  Roy Newbold    

Honeywell Retiree’s Club Scholarship Program


Jonathan Henry Dwyer

Meet Jonathan Henry Dwyer, grandson of Henry Prejs. Henry is a member of the Garrett Retirees' Club, which also jointly sponsors the Scholarship Program.

Jonathan is a Junior at the University of Arizona in Tucson studying Chemical Engineering. He chose U of A because it offers an outstanding Chemical Engineering program. According to Jonathan, the department is living up to its reputation. He agrees it is a great program and those involved are very helpful. He is working hard to maintain his high grade point average and is currently on the Dean’s List.

Jonathan is also a Research Assistant working with nanotechnology. (Nanotechnology is the manipulation of matter on an atomic, molecular, and supramolecular scale.) In the lab, he creates copper nanoparticles. When I asked him to give me the layperson’s explanation of what that means, he shared the following: in the lab he creates nanoparticles that are used in copper wiring which ultimately ends up in computer chips. (There is a lot more to it – but that was enough for most of us!) He’s worked in the lab for about a year and says he really likes it because he gets to work with “pretty cool” stuff.

College isn’t all about studying. Jonathan has been involved in the U of A Steel Band. He studied percussion for over 10 years. When I asked him to describe the Steel Band – he told me to visualize Caribbean music and the drums used in that – it gave me a great picture of what he does.

Jonathan grew up in Scottsdale and is part of a large extended family with a younger brother, 17 cousins, and 18 aunts and uncles.

Jonathan credits his parents with teaching him the value of an education. He is very grateful to the Honeywell Retiree’s club for making this scholarship available and is honored to be one of the 2014-2015 recipients.
Written by: Gwen Scheetz

The Team is looking for your help. Our Team would like to hold a fundraiser to supplement the Honeywell Retirees’ Club Scholarship Fund. We are looking for ideas for a fund raiser that would be fun and something that our membership (and perhaps even active Honeywell employees) would like to be involved in. Like to golf? Interested in attending an auction? If you have an idea, or would like to volunteer to help the Team with a fund raiser, please let one of our Team Members know.

Scholarship Committee:

Amazon Fulfillment Center Tour

We had a terrific crowd show up for this October tour.

Most of us were surprised upon entering the building at the security involved with getting in. One can only enter through floor-to-ceiling turnstiles that open only with a card or authentication from inside the building. We met up with Lisa Guinn, our tour guide and two of her trusted associates. Each of us was issued a badge, a radio receiver, and headsets. This turned out to be an amazing convenience because Lisa spoke to us throughout the tour using this system and it felt as though she was standing next to each of us using a normal level of speaking, even though there was constant noise from the miles of running conveyer belts and music from robot trains. It was really cool when we discovered we got to keep the headsets!

Entering the fulfillment center feels like venturing into a realm where the machines, not the humans, are in charge. Also known by the codename PHX6, the place radiates a non-human intelligence … an overarching brain dictating the minutest movements of everyone within its reach.

At 1.2 million square feet, PHX6 consists of two fulfillment operations working as mirror images of one another, a redundancy that lets the fulfillment center scale up or down in response to rising and falling demand. A central mezzanine provides panoramic views of both sides of the warehouse, the back walls obscured in the distance. An impossible-to-trace web of conveyor belts and rollers shuttle the ubiquitous yellow totes, the basic logistical carriers of the center, from one point to another, filled with goods destined for warehouse shelves or for customers.

Among many types of employees, the heart of the operation is divided between stowers who receive items and stow them randomly into storage bins and pickers who, in turn pull the items out of the bins and load them into the yellow plastic tubs that flow along conveyers all over the building, carrying items on their way to a customer. Although this operation is less than 4 years old, it’s not the most modern in that some newer Amazon fulfillment centers have robotic pickers that do the “finding” work of pulling items off the shelves to move to sorting & shipping.

We learned that Amazon has on-the-ground logistics and automation superiority over any other supplier entity … which means they are the 21st-century consumer experience. Everything about Amazon seems angled toward breaking through the logistical barriers that slow down the ordering and delivery process. Amazon’s warehouses are designed to be wish-fulfillment machines, calibrated to feed our consumer wants with aggressive speed and precision at a scale that seems limitless.


Stay tuned for an email announcement for Amazon Tour 2.
We have 37 people signed up for 30 slots, so it’s likely we’ll announce a 3rd tour in 2015.




Thursday, December 11, 2014

19888 N. 73rd Avenue
Glendale, Arizona 85308

Cost: $35.00 per person, HRC members and guests
Single persons are always welcome!


Garden Salad with choice of Dressing
Breast of Chicken with Marsala Sauce
Carving Station Featuring Prime-Rib of Beef with
Au Jus & Creamy Horseradish Sauce
Roasted Red Potatoes
Seasonal Vegetables
Fresf Baked Rolls &Whipped Sweet  Butter


Cakes and Pies
Freshly Brewed Coffee – Iced Tea – Iced Water

Cocktails and friendship renewal at 6:00 PM
Dinner Served          7:00PM
Dancing to music by the “Breeze”     7:00 PM to 11:00 PM
Cash Bar All Evening                        6:00 PM to 11:00 PM

Send checks made out to: Treasurer, HRC to:
Barbara Rippstein, 9826 W. Escuda Drive, Peoria, AZ 85382, 623-566-1572
PLEASE NOTE: All reservations are due and payable by Tuesday, Dec. 2nd

Coordinators: Barbara Rippstein (
and Shirley Krieger (

Please Include the names of the people you wish to sit with

Day at the Races
February 17, 2015 – Tuesday at 11:00 AM

Where: Turf Paradise, 1501 West Bell Road
Free Parking: Use the Turf Club Entrance on 19th Ave.
Cost: $24 per person


Package includes:

Parking, Admission, How to Wager Guide, Senior Buffet Lunch, Coffee/Tea,
Dessert, Tax, Gratuity & Winner Circle Photo. The retiree clubs will have a race named after them.


Victor Fragnito, 602-908-0740

Cutoff Date:

Feb 4, 2015


Arrive at 11:00 AM at the Turf Club


Make your check payable to: Treasurer, HRC
Mail to: Vic Fragnito, 6922 W. Garfield St. Phoenix, AZ 85043-2368

The 2015 Senior Buffet Lunch


Mixed salad greens
Italian and ranch dressings
Tossed Caesar salad
Paradise pasta salad
House made Cole slaw
Fresh fruit salad
Country potato salad


Roast breast of turkey
Cranberry sauce
Brisket of beef
Horseradish sauce
Assorted breads, muffins, rolls


Apple cobbler
Assorted pies
Assorted cookies and brownies
Coffee and tea

Spring Potluck Picnic
March 26, 2015, 10:00 AM - 1:00 PM

No Reservations Required
“Split the Pot Tickets $1.00, or Seven for $5.00”
50/25/25 Split the Pot


Where: Rio Vista Park - Ramada's 8 and 9
8866 W Thunderbird Rd, Peoria
Time: 10:00 am until 1:00 pm with lunch served around 11:00
Cost: No charge to HRC members and guests; just bring a dish to share.
Prizes: There will be prizes and Split-the -Pot

Your Honeywell Retirees Club will provide baked ham, rolls, coffee, tea and water, as well as plates, utensils, condiments, etc. Attendees are asked to bring a covered dish to share; such as a hot casserole, baked beans, salad or dessert of your choice. Get out your favorite recipes and prepare your specialty to share with others. We will have a beer permit. You may bring your own beer or soft drinks if you would like. Please no glass containers. (Park Rules)

Coordinator: Pat Golic - Edmond at

AARP Foundation Tax-Aide Program in Arizona

The AARP Foundation Tax-Aide program in Arizona will provide free tax preparation services for seniors and low income families again during the 2015 tax-filing season. The foundation has 31 sites in the Phoenix area usually located in Senior Centers or City Community Centers. All sites are staffed with trained, certified volunteers.

Last year, AARP Foundation Tax-Aide volunteers in Arizona filed over 95,000 returns saving those taxpayers an estimated $10 million in preparation fees.

The AARP program in partnership with the IRS is currently recruiting volunteers for sites throughout the state. Volunteers do not need previous tax preparation experience as all necessary training is provided. Only two qualifications are needed, a real interest in helping people, and a basic familiarity with Microsoft Windows.

Every year we need new volunteers to continue this valuable service. You can help by volunteering one day each week from February 1st through April 15th at a Phoenix Community/Senior Center near your home. Training is held in early January. Best of all, you are never left alone. Each location has experienced tax preparation volunteers who are always willing and able to help you with specific taxpayer problems.

So if you have the time and energy to give back to the community by providing a valuable service to many people please join us

Here's how to sign up:

We would love to have you in the program.