Sahuaro Ranch Park, Ramada #1, 9802 N.59th Avenue at Mountain View, Glendale
(1/2 mile north of Olive).


12:00 Noon till 4 PM


Just bring a Dish to Share. (No Charge to HRC members and guests).


Ike Templeton 480-998-7559

Your Honeywell Retirees Club will provide a delicious baked ham, rolls, coffee, tea and water. Plates, utensils, condiments, etc. will also be provided. Attendees are asked to bring a covered dish to share: hot casserole, baked beans, salad or dessert of your choice. Get out your favorite recipes and prepare your specialty to share with others. There will be no charge to HRC members and guests. The ham will be served hot from roasters that will have been caringly heated by your HRC Board. You may bring your own beer (we will have a beer permit) or soft drinks if you would like, but no glass containers are allowed in the park.


Reservations are NOT required


Erin go Braugh and Happy Easter!

It's March which means all kinds of sports events such as spring training for Major League Baseball and March Madness for the NCAA men's and women's basketball programs. I hope you signed up to attend the Honeywell/Sperry Joint Spring Training Game outing on March11.

I hope you're also planning to attend the Spring Picnic at Saguaro Ranch April 2.

Due to the sales of the golf courses Dale Wendt has been working with for the Golf Outings, we will not be having a Spring 2008 Golf Outing. Dale is working on a Fall Golf Outing. I want to take this opportunity to thank Dale for all he has done over the years insuring everyone has a wonderful time at the outings.

Be sure to vote for next year's officers and directors. We look forward to seeing a large attendance at the annual meeting on April 23 at the Arrowhead Country Club.

Don't hesitate to contact any board member if you have suggestions on how the Honeywell Retiree Club can be of service to the retirees. Be sure to log into the Honeywell Retiree Club website www.hrcaz.org on a regular basis for updated information between the Bridge distributions. Until next month …

Best Regards,



Each month we have more members signing up for The Electronic Bridge, and most are opting to receive “electronic only”. If you have an e-mail address, you should give it a try. Member feedback has been very positive. Members can sign up by contacting us via e-mail at: hotline@hrcaz.org . Please send your : 1) name , 2) e-mail address , 3) if you wish your e-mail address not published in The Bridge periodically, and 4) if you want “ electronic only ” or both electronic and hard copy. You may “opt in” or “opt-out” of this program at any time by simply notifying us via e-mail.


Check out the Phun in Phoenix information. This listing of cool things to do in Phoenix each weekend is updated weekly – check it out at WWW.HRCAZ.ORG Also, a long list of Phoenix area attractions with phone numbers and web sites are listed on this site – a great reference for your activities with family and friends. Check out photos of our past events as well as useful information from past seminars like the recent one on Identity Theft. You'll also find all of our Club's upcoming activities, with dates and contact information, plus a copy of The Bridge. If you have any photos of Club activities, we'd love to publish them. Attach the pictures to an email and send to hotline@hrcaz.org. Russ Henzel, Web Master



We can help Honeywell retirees or surviving spouses with fix-it jobs around the house that you are not good at or are unable to do and prevent these jobs from becoming budget busters. The Fixit Guys are Bob, Dick, Gene, Sam, Perry, Matt, Paul, Ed and Clint.

Call us at this number, (602) 765-4466, and leave a clear message containing job information, your name and telephone number. We probably can help and will get back to you as quickly as practical. We furnish the labor at no cost to you; you furnish the cost of the parts.

Please contact the phone number above if you would like to volunteer as a Fix-It Guy or Gal.

And a big Thank You to Dick and Matt from Mary.



Location: Arrowhead Country Club (19888 N. 73rd Ave.)  
Date: Wednesday, April 23, 2008
Speaker: To be announced

9:00 AM  Coffee & Conversation,
9:30 AM  Breakfast
10:00 - 11:30 AM  Meeting & Elections


Members and their guests will pay a discounted fee of $13.00 for a luscious buffet breakfast.

Information and RSVP to:

Shirley Krieger – 602-942-4235

Mail your checks made out to the HRC to Shirley Krieger, 1018 E. Tierra Buena Lane , Phoenix , AZ 85022-3528. Please note “Annual Meeting” on your check and the number of people attending. Deadline for reservations is Monday, April 21.

The East-West road into the Club is:
West Arrowhead Clubhouse Drive.

If you choose to use the N. 73rd Ave access into the Club, West Beardsley Road is the South frontage road along the 101 Freeway and is ONE WAY going East.



Arizona Science Center Needs Volunteers!

You don't need a science background to volunteer at Arizona Science Center ! Volunteer opportunities include gallery guides, special events volunteers, clerical and bookkeeping. The chief reward is the exhilarating interaction with children, families and school group visitors that number 400,000 each year. In addition you will receive two general admission and planetarium passes after 50 hours of service and basic membership after 100 hours of service. Parking is free at the designated parking garage and you get a discount at CityBakery with Arizona Science Center identification.

If you have technology, engineering or math experience, consider joining the Friends of Science and Technology Education (FOSTE) team of professionals who are working in a leadership capacity by developing and presenting hands-on science and technology activities and demonstrations.

Interested? Contact Jan Stonebreaker at 602 716 2037, stonebrakerj@azscience.org

Health Corner

By: Judy Nance RN

What Your Doctor Should Tell You About Nutrition:

Adults age 65 and older need more Vitamin D because their bodies don't synthesize this vitamin from sun exposure. Without this vitamin there is a risk for osteomalacia, a condition that causes bone and muscle pain and also increases risk for falls and fractures. Get 1,000 IU of vitamin D-3 daily from supplements and foods such as milk, salmon, and mackerel and 10 to 15 minutes of daily sun exposure.

Lack of vitamin B-12 causes a decline in gastric acid which decreases the absorption of this vitamin which can then cause fatigue, loss of appetite and a form of anemia, which if not treated can lead to nerve damage and dementia. Folic acid, another B vitamin, is important). A specific blood test can check for vitamin B.

  1. Eat at least 2 cups of fruit each day.
  2. Eat at least 2 and one half cups of vegetables each day.
  3. Eat 3 ounces of whole-grain bread, cereal and/or rice daily.
  4. Consume a total of 3 cups of calcium-rich foods daily.
  5. Eat 5 ounces of protein (meat, poultry, fish, beans, eggs or nuts) each day.
  6. If eating a higher fat food balance it with lower-fat foods.

Information taken from March, 2008 issue of Bottom Line Health.

Desert Sky Hikers

(formerly Honeywell Hiking Club)

For those who want to explore our great state, here is an outstanding opportunity to get out and enjoy the beauty of Arizona and visit places you would not get to without an experienced leader.

March and April Hikes

March 15th Hiker Club Picnic, McDowell Mountains. This inclludes a 4 mile easy hike with a 200 foot elevation change. The leaders are Ron Secord at 623-875-5666 and Russ Gunther at 602-942-5593.

March 22nd Barnhardt Trail, Matazal Mountains. This is an 8 mile hike rated moderate with a 1500 foot elevation change. The hike leader is Fred Binder at 623-825-5125.

March 29th Picacho Peak. This is a 5 mile hike rated moderate with a 1400 foot elevation change. The hike leader is Orie Spegal at 480-946-2630.

April 5th Paloverde Trail, Bartlett Lake . This is an 8 mile hike rated easy with a 10 foot elevation change. The hike leader is Donn Nelson.

April 12th Sabino Canyon , Telegraph Trail. This is a 5 mile hike rated moderate with a 500 foot elevation change. The hike leader is Russ Gunther.

April 19th Black Canyon Loop Trail across Agua Fria River. This is an 8 mile hike rated easy to moderate with a 600 foot elevation change. The hike leaders are John and Judi Heath.

April 26th Pass Mountain/Wind Cave, Usery Mountains. This is a 7 to 10 mile hike rater moderate with an 800 foot elevation change. The hike leader is John Cosman.

The Desert Sky Hiking Club web site is at http://www.jjheath.com/hiking.html . Click on the 2008 hiking schedule link at the top of the page to view the full listing of hikes planned for 2008. Hike details are emailed to members about a week in advance of the actual hike.

If you are really into staying fit by hiking, contact Carol Binder at 623-825-5125. Membership if $4.00 per year.

Glendale Hiking Club

Sponsored by the Glendale Parks & Recreation since 1982

Club Meetings:

March: March 13, 7:00 p.m. at the Glendale Adult Center.

Rich Hanson of the Bureau of Land Management will speak about working on the Black Canyon Trail. Also, issues regarding ATVs.
(www.bctaz.com/ is a very informative web site on the Black Canyon Trail.)


A:  over 16 miles and /or over 3000' elevation change
B:  8 - 16 miles and /or 1500' - 3000' elevation change
C:  3 - 8 miles and /or 500' - 1500' elevation change
D:  under 3 miles and /or  under 500' elevation change
Plan on a D or C rated hike if you are unsure of your fitness level or hiking ability.

Thursday Day Hikes:

March 13 Thunderbird Park
March 20 Ballantine Trail
March 27 Thunderbird Park
April 3 Picacho Peak
April 10 Thunderbird Park

For additional information on any of these outings, please contact John or Jo Anne McPhilimy:

John McPhilimy: Cell: 602-403-6153 / Home: 602-298-9089
Jo Anne McPhilimy: Work: 602-997-1910 / Cell: 302-818-0035

Saturday, March 15 – Romero Canyon – Catalina State Park, east of Tucson
Rating : C Length : 6.6 miles one way Elev. Gain:
Phoenix Magazine, Dec. 2004, rates this “Best Desert Wildflowers with Rugged Canyons.” For more information call Debbie at 623-878-2039.

Saturday, March 22 – Go John Trail – C ave Creek Regional Park
Rating : C Length : 4.8 miles Elev. Gain : 1000'
A great loop hike through scenic desert landscape and there should be a lot of flowers. For more information call Shirley at 623-561-8570.

Saturday-Sunday, March 29-30 – Fossil Springs/Strawberry Mountain
Hike to the springs on Saturday and stay overnight at Susan's for the first 8 that call. Bring sleeping bags. Sunday hike Strawberry Mountain and return to Phoenix. For additional info call Susan at 623-979-9632.

April 2008

Saturday, April 5 – V ulture Peak Trail – South of Wickenburg
Rating : C+ Length : 4 miles Elev. Gain : 1180'
This is an in and out hike. Trail distance to the saddle is 2 miles (4 miles RT). For more information call Terry & Regina at 602-970-0586.

Sunday, April 6 – North Mountain Preserve - Phoenix
“First Sunday of the Month Hike” (Nov. thru Apr.) - trail to be determined. We plan to meet at 8 am and hike 3-5 miles. Contact Roger at 602-298-7834 for more details.

Saturday, April 12 – Cave Creek

Rating : C+ Length : 6-8 miles Elev. Gain : Minimal
This hike will be on Trail #4 at Spur Cross. Nice trail with several water crossings. There is a $3 fee per person for this area . For further details call Susan Fournier at 602-298-7834.  

Membership in the Glendale Hiking Club is $15 for a single membership and $20 for a family. If you are interested in joining, contact Jo Anne McPhilimy at 602-298-9089 (home), 302-818-0035 (cell), or 602-997-1910 (work).

Submitted by: Wally Klovstad

Honeywell Retiree Organizations

The recent article in the Honeywell Bridge noting the activities of the Desert Sky Hiking Club (formerly the Honeywell Hiking Club), inspired Jim Scarlett to do an internet search to see what other groups of Honeywellers exist. The following list of organizations and their websites was submitted by Jim as a result of his search efforts:

Honeywell Retirees Club (Phoenix)
Sperry Retirees Club
Garrett (Allied Retirees Club)
Desert Sky Hikers (formerly Honeywell Hiking Club)
Fort Washington Employees Club (includes retirees)
Honeywell/Allied Retirees Club (NY/NJ area)
Honeywell Employees Club of Minneapolis
    (Good site for the purchase of Honeywell products – thermostats, etc.)
Minnreg Association
    (employees and Retirees, Clearwater-St. Peter area) Bendix/Allied/Honeywell Retirees (Indiana Area)




Also of interest:  
Honeywell, Inc. business archives
    (Minnesota Historical Society)
Brown Instrument Division/Industrial Division Archives
   (Up through 1964 – Hagley Library at the DuPont Museum, Wilmington, DL
Glendale Hiking Club (numerous HRC members)




For President: Virginia Clagett

Retired from: Honeywell Bull  
Last position: Project Manager, System Software
Other work: Project Manager for American Express on a Travel Related Services Internet Application Software
Interests: Travel, Needlework, Volunteer, ESA - a women's leadership, service organization.

BA in Elementary Education from the University of Arizona , MBA in International Management from American Graduate School of International Management (1997

For Vice President: Harold (Harry) Heller

Retired from: Commercial Aviation Systems  
Last position: Director, Human Resources
Other work: Business & Commuter Avionics Human Resource, Glendale
Interests: Hiking, Softball, Travel
Education: BBA Loyola University , Chicago , Ill. 1965

For Secretary: Mary Barkl

Retired from: Industrial Automation & Control in 2006  
Last position: IAC Program Manager in Engineering
Other work: Various positions in Industrial Automation since 1966
Interests: Bowling, skiing, reading, rafting the Colorado, traveling to Alaska on a cruise this year

For Treasurer: Bert Walker

Retired from: Honeywell Space Systems in 2006  
Last position: Facilities Manager
Other work: 43 years with GE, Honeywell, Bull, and Honeywell again.
Interests: Pets, woodworking, and gardening
Education: ME from Syracuse and MBA from ASU

For Director: Shirley E. Kieger

Retired from: Satellite Systems Division in Glendale in 1999  
Last position:

Director of Facilities, Safety & Environmental, and Security

Other work: Sperry Mgr before Honeywell acquisition & Corporate Security Director at Level3 Communications
Interests: Gardening, Travel, HRC & Sperry Retiree Club board. Quality time with family very important
Education: BS in Management at Western University

For Director: Don Peeples

Retired from:

Honeywell Bull

Last position: Director, Plans and Programs
Other work: President, Oakcreek Maintenance Corp.
Interests: Racquetball, Travel, Grandchildren
Education: Assoc in Electronics Technology, Devry University


You received your ballot in the March issue of The Bridge either the printed or electronic version (print the ballot page). There are two ways to submit your ballot:

  1. You may mail it. To do this, please make a copy of or cut out the ballot from The Bridge, mark your ballot, fold it, put it in an envelope, put a 41 cent stamp on the envelope and mail it to the Retiree Club address on the last page of The Bridge. Such ballots must be received in the mail by April 21st in order to be counted.
  2. You may bring your ballot to the annual meeting on April 23rd and turn it in there. There will be a limited number of extra ballots at the Annual Meeting in case you have not voted by the time of that meeting.