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Wednesday, February 6

Coordinator: Shirley Krieger, 602-942-4235 (home) or 602-819-0467 (cell)
Time: Dining, 12:00 Noon; Curtain, 2:00 PM
Location: Arizona Broadway Theatre, 7701 W. Paradise Lane, Peoria, AZ
Cost: $44 per person. Price includes taxes and gratuity
Payment: Make check payable to “Treasurer, Honeywell Retiree Club” and mail to:
Shirley Krieger, 1018 E. Tierra Buena Lane, Phoenix, AZ 85022

This activity was very well received last year. The seating and the service are excellent.  They offer a varied menu of gourmet food.  The dinner includes your choice of non-alcoholic beverages. You may also purchase alcoholic beverages at your own expense. Dessert is offered during intermission for an extra fee. Gratuity is not included for these extra items. There will be a drawing during intermission and one lucky person will have their ticket reimbursed.

Call Shirley for additional information and to make a reservation. Receipt of payment will insure your spot.


At this special time of year, the Honeywell Retiree Club board members extend warm wishes for a Happy Holiday season as well as a joyous and healthful New Year to you and your families. We thank you for supporting our programs and events throughout this past year, and we hope you will continue to do so in the future.

A very BIG thank you goes to Dale Wendt for his outstanding organization of our golf outings. I hope those of you who participated in the fall golf on November 26th had a fun time in spite of the cloudy day.

Don't hesitate to contact any board member if you have suggestions on how the Honeywell Retiree Club can be of service to the retirees. Be sure to log into the Honeywell Retiree Club website on a regular basis for updated information between the Bridge distributions. Until next month (year) …

Best Regards,



Each month we have more members signing up for The Electronic Bridge, and most are opting to receive “electronic only”. If you have an e-mail address, you should give it a try. Member feedback has been very positive. You can sign up by contacting us via e-mail at: Please send your: 1) name, 2) e-mail address, 3) if you wish your e-mail address not published in The Bridge periodically, and 4) if you want “electronic only” or both electronic and hard copy. You may “opt in” or “opt-out” of this program at any time by simply notifying us via e-mail.


News from Judy Nance RN:

The optimal dose of aspirin to reduce the risk of heart disease:

81 milligrams, the amount in a “baby” aspirin, or one quarter of an adult aspirin can reduce the risk of heart attacks concluded a new review in the Journal of the American Medical Association. That's the standard dose, but many people take larger doses---half or even a whole aspirin a day. As many as 40% of doctors recommend higher doses. Taking more than a quarter aspirin does not protect more, the review found, but does increase the risk or gastrointestinal bleeding and ulcers.

 University of California , Berkley , “Wellness Letter” Dec. 2007

Honeywell Volunteer's Association

For those of you who have participated in the past or wish to participate in the HVA program where Honeywell makes contribution for volunteer hours worked, the program is still active. Participants must conform to specified guidelines, and complete and submit the required form. Our contact for this program, Al Ryan, has passed away. We will provide a new contact for information, forms, and submissions as soon as possible.

You may contact Ed Frick who has copies of the forms and guidelines at 623-561-6917.



Check out the Phun in Phoenix information, which has returned to our web site. This listing of cool things to do in Phoenix each weekend is updated weekly – check it out here. Also a long list of Phoenix area attractions with phone numbers and web sites are listed on this site – a great reference for your activities with family and friends. Check out photos of our past events as well as useful information from past seminars like the recent one on Identity Theft. You'll also find all of our club's upcoming activities, with dates and contact information, plus a copy of The Bridge. If you have any photos of Club activities, we'd love to publish them. Attach the pictures to an email and send to

Russ Henzel, website editor


Honeywell Volunteers of Arizona needs a coordinator. This volunteer position requires about 1 to 2 hours per month of work, all of which is done at home. The job consists of receiving by mail the volunteer-hour forms submitted by retirees, logging the hours in a record book, filling out a check request form, and mailing the form to our Honeywell Corporation contact. Honeywell then sends out a donation check to the organization for which the retiree has volunteered work hours. Retirees can earn $2 per hour up to $100 per year for their organization.

If you are interested in this position, please contact Clint Langford at 602-996-3216.

We ask that retirees refrain from submitting their volunteer hours until the coordinator position is filled.

The Member Email List included in the paper and electronic versions of the Bridge
is not published on-line because of privacy precautions.





Where: Turf Paradise Park, 1501 West Bell Road
Time: 11:45 AM at the Turf Club
12:30 Lunch will be served: Trifecta Salad or Turkey Croissant Sandwich*
Parking: Included. Use the Turf Club Entrance on 19th Ave.
Cost: $16.50 per person. Package includes Parking, Admission, How to Wager Guide, Lunch, Coffee/Tea, Dessert, Tax & Gratuity & Winner Circle Photo for 8 people. One race will be named for the retiree clubs.
Payment: Send your check made out to
Treasurer, HRC
and note “Day at the Races” to:
Honeywell Retiree Club of Arizona; Mail Drop XO
2500 W. Union Hills Dr. Phoenix, AZ 85027
Coordinator: Harry Heller 623-362-2159

Call or e-mail Harry Heller to reserve your seats and with your lunch selection by January 8.

*Trifecta Salad: A scoop of tuna, chicken & pasta salad served in a pineapple boat with fresh fruit & banana nut bread.
Croissant Club Sandwich: Freshly baked croissant filled with sliced bacon, tomatoes, American cheese, & lettuce served with fresh fruit, potato or pasta salad.


Visit exciting ports south of the border. The Royal Caribbean Vision of the Seas features a very soothing day spa, two pools, six whirlpools, and the Masquerade Theater with nightly entertainment, such as contemporary musical stage productions. And that is just the beginning.

Prices include cruise fare, taxes, Government fees, $25.00 per person on board credit and a cocktail party. Gratuities and Transportation to and from Los Angeles are NOT included. Reservations are at the group rate

NOTE: A down payment of $250.00 per person was due on November 20 (however, a few spots may still be available) with the final payment on January 17, 2008. All U.S. citizens must have a current passport. Because they take time to be issued, please apply as soon as possible.

Coordinator: Barbara Rippstein, 623-566-1572, Email:
Sailing: From Los Angeles, Sunday, April 6, 2008

  Cabin                Category           Cost
Inside                   N                 $633
Oceanview             I                 $723
Balcony                 D1               $1073

  • Day 1
  • 2 Cruising
  • 3 Cabo San Lucas
  • 4 Mazatlan
  • 5 Puerto Vallarta
  • 6 Cruising
  • 7 Cruising
  • 8 Los Angeles


Marilyn Lohf
Elan Travel
20241 North 67th Ave., Suite A-8
Glendale, AZ 85308


It is that time of year to have your family members that are attending one of the three state universities, to think about applying for one of the Honeywell Retiree Club scholarships These scholarships are for one thousand dollars ($1,000) and are awarded to one student at each university in their sophomore, junior or senior year. Since the first year of the program in 1999 we have awarded twenty scholarships. The awards for 2007 went to:

ASU: Jeffery J., grandson of Connie S., retired from Allied Aerospace Phoenix

NAU: Rebecca T., granddaughter of Jesse L., retired from Allied Signal Aerospace

U of A: Travis R., grandson of Barbara R., retired from Honeywell Product Support

The following note was received from Rebecca on her award:

I was recently awarded your Honeywell Retiree Scholarship, and would like to extend immense gratitude and honor at being the recipient for this generous award. All though I had intended to student teach this fall, I will instead be graduating in another three to five semesters with Secondary Education degrees in music and Spanish and a double minor in bilingual/multi-cultural education and English language learning.

 Once graduated I hope to teach in California, where I can utilize my Armenian language skills. I have also recently become interested in pursuing a Masters of Teaching Spanish and/or Educational Leadership in order to become an administrator and “mover and shaker” within my districts and at the university level. Somewhere along the way, I hope to attend Claremont Theological Seminary for a degree in Interfaith Urban Family Ministry with the United Methodist Church .

Once again, I would like to thank you sooo much for supporting students at NAU!

We thank Rebecca for her note of thanks and wish her and all of the awardees success in their studies and in life. We also encourage you to look into this most worthwhile program Full details on the HRC Scholarship program will appear in the January issue of The BRIDGE.

Submitted by Al Longaneker



We can help Honeywell retirees or surviving spouses with fix-it jobs around the house that you are not good at or are unable to do and prevent these jobs from becoming budget busters.

Call us at this new number: (602) 765-4466 and leave a clear message containing job information, your name and telephone number. We probably can help and will get back to you as quickly as practical. We furnish the labor at no cost to you; you furnish the cost of the parts.

Our apologies go out to those that tried to call the Fix-It-Guys number this past month or so.  The answering system malfunctioned.  Everything is up and running once again.

The Fix-It Guys are: Bob, Dick, Gene, Sam, Perry, Matt, Paul, Ed and Clint.

Please contact the phone number above if you would like to volunteer as a Fix-It Guy or Gal.


Fall Golf Outing


Monday 11/26, ninety six players participated in the HRC fall golf outing at Arrowhead CC. The weather was beautiful, the course challenging, and everyone had a wonderful time.

The following were winners :

Closest on #3
Hebert   Low net ladies
77..M. Casteel
Closest on #7
Casteel   2nd Team High Net
[$12 ea]
333..Kluegel, Runke, Mahoney, Hagen
Closest on #11
McNeil   1st Team High Net
[$15 ea]
349..Ordal, Barest, Krieger, Dahlenberg
Closest on #15
Hill   5th team low net
[$10 ea]
305..Walters, Durfee, Hill, Winkle
Longest putt #9
Sauceda   4th Team Low Net
[$12 ea]
305..Abbitt, Booker, Meeker, Murphy
Longest putt #18
Booker   3rd Team Low Net
[$15 ea]
298..Calderone, Doak, Stanley, Sauceda
Staightest Drive #4
Kluegel   2ND Team Low Net [$20 ea] 298..Tincombe, Peterson, Nance, Daly
Low Net Calloway
72..Winkle   1st Team Low Net
[$25 ea]
297..Wendt, Hebert, Mcneil, Pruneau
Low Net AGA
66.. Stanley      

At the next tournament [inthe Spring], we will again use established handicaps [AGA] and apply Calloway to only those that do not have handicaps. This should equalize play and give us more ways to be fair in scoring. By the way we gave out 38 [$596] awards, which enabled us to have 36% participation in award monies.

We hope to have 100+ players next time, at ????????? [don't know where as ownership of both the Tatum and Arrowhead courses are changing] as we will again offer invitations to play to Sperrywell and Signalwell and any of the other ..well's out there.

Have a safe and enjoyable winter, and we will look forward to seeing you all at the spring tournament.

We hope everyone enjoyed the get together. If you have any questions or suggestions, please call Dale W. at 480- 922-1402