Rain has stopped for now and, to show off my prognosticating skills, I predict that we will not have rain again until after June. Desert flowers have already had enough rain to be more beautiful than in any year our generation has ever seen.

Please check this issue of The Bridge for latest updates on the year's coming events. March will be a busy month for our club as you can see in the activities highlighted below on this page, with details within this issue. The first is the Spring Picnic to be held on March 9th with no cost to members other than bringing a dish to share. Reservations are not needed but if you can, we prefer you call to let us know you are coming (623-561-0678). You will find the Calendar of Events on page two also shows dates for next fall's activities to aid in long range planning.

Through the efforts of Charlie Farmer, Russ Henzel and Ted Rees, photographs of our members taken at HRC events have been featured in The Bridge and on the HRC website If anyone would like to become one of our event photographers, please let us know. All it would require is a digital camera, a little skill and the desire to be a part of recording our retiree club history.

You will find a ballot and candidate information on pages six and seven in this issue of The Bridge . We would encourage all of you to vote for the officers and directors for next year. Voting will be completed and results will be announced at the annual meeting at the Arrowhead Country Club in Glendale on April 27th. If you have any suggestions for events you would like to have offered through your Honeywell Retiree Club, please send them in to us or come to the annual meeting to pass your ideas on to us in person.

Please send in your dues if your copy of the March issue of The Bridge indicates they run out as of April of 2005. Check just above your name and address on Page 12.

Don Roeber

Honeywell Volunteers of Arizona

As you may have read in an earlier issue of The Bridge, Honeywell is not actively supporting the Honeywell Volunteers of Arizona (HVA) volunteer organization that was begun about eight years ago. Honeywell has a new set of strategic goals for community support that the “new Honeywell” developed and they are channeling their efforts in that direction. They are, however, still making company contributions for volunteer hours through the payment of a donation to the organization of choice for those Honeywell volunteers who put in many hours of work. For many of you this may not be news since you may already be filling out a form and sending it in to the HVA office. Please keep up the good work and send in the hours.

For those of you who have not known about this opportunity, the following rules govern the payment from Honeywell to charitable tax-exempt agencies that you spend volunteer hours supporting. You can have payments of $50 sent for each 25 hours worked. There is a $100 limit per volunteer and a $200 limit per family. Please request the form from the HVA office by calling 602-870-7014 or by mailing to HVA, 11034 N 23rd Drive, Phoenix, AZ 85029.


Last month we began the Phase II evaluation of The Bridge distribution via e-mail, including some 40 member volunteers. Initial feedback has been very positive. Here are some quotes:

  • E-Bridge came through great, just finished reading it. Enjoyed the color pictures and articles in large print, ha!!

  • The Electronic Bridge is excellent. Formatting is such that it fits well across the screen, and the color pictures are great. Well done!

  • I really like the way it is presented. The font is large and more readable than the printed version.

  • The electronic version of "The Bridge" was a "winner".  No problems were encountered, the pictures were clear, and it read nicely.

  • Great job.  This is the way to go, no postage or envelopes.  I also like the color pictures…

  • GREAT!!!   You can stop sending us the snail mail copy any time.   Loved the colored pictures. 

  • Display was excellent and we get it right off the press. I would just as soon have it this way over regular mail.

  • Early receipt gives time to sign up for activities that month.

This first distribution was not without problems however. Three participants had difficulty receiving and/or opening the PDF file. One of these was resolved and we are continuing to work the other two. Finding, understanding and hopefully resolving such issues is exactly why we are conducting this Phase II evaluation. Our goal is to improve and provide flexible communication for HRC members. We believe we are on that path.

Several additional members have volunteered to participate in Phase II and will receive their first electronic newsletter this month. The offer is still open. If you are interested in receiving The Electronic Bridge, please send your name and e-mail address , along with a note indicating your interest in The Electronic Bridge Phase II , to . If you have additional questions, feel free to contact: Ted Rees at 623-465-7337


For President: Edward C. Frick

Retired from:

GE/Honeywell/Bull 1994


Last Position:

Director, Manufacturing

Other work:

VP or General Manager Positions at electronics firms subsequent to Bull


VP or General Manager Positions at electronics firms subsequent to Bull


VP or General Manager Positions at electronics firms subsequent to Bull

For Vice President: Virginia Clagett

Retired from:

Honeywell Bull


Last Position:

Project Manager, System Software

Other work:

Project Manager for American Express on a Travel Related Services Internet Application Software


Travel, Needlework, Volunteer, ESA - a women's leadership, service organization


BA in Elementary Education from the University of Arizona, MBA in International Management from American Graduate School of International Management (1997)

For Secretary: Nancy Boyle

Retired from:

Industrial Automation & Control in 2001


Last Position:

IAC Secretarial

Other work:

ACS (Diversity), BCAS (Human Resources), currently works for Shasta Industries


Reading, traveling, shopping, movies

For Treasurer: Doug White

Retired from:

Industrial Automation & Control in 2004


Last Position:

Logistics Support Services, Manager

Other work:

Management positions in Customer Satisfaction, Information Technology and Engineering.


Two sons & two grandchildren, enjoying the beach (sun, sand & snorkeling), Chairman of condo association

For Director: Wally Klovstad

Retired from:

Business and Commuter Aviation Systems (BCAS) 1997


Last Position:

Test Engineering

Other work:

Honeywell Commercial & Military Avionics in Minneapolis


Hiking, Reading


BSEE North Dakota State U 1959

For Director: Shirley E. Krieger

Retired from:

Satellite Systems Division in Glendale in 1999  


Last Position:

Director of Facilities, Safety & Environmental, and Security 

Other work:

Sperry Mgr before Honeywell acquisition & Corporate Security Director at Level3 Communications


Gardening, Travel, HRC & Sperry Retiree Club board. Quality time with family very important


BS in Management at Western University

For Director: Leroy N. (Ike) Templeton

Retired from:

Industrial Automation & Control, Phoenix in 1997 


Last Position:

Director, Hardware Engineering 

Other work:

Engineering assignments in Fort Washington, PA and Framingham, MA


Photography, Travel, Reading


Lehigh University, University of Pennsylvania

Honeywell Retiree Benefits Information Available On Line

Some of our members report that retirees who receive their pension payments from Honeywell can find some valuable information on the Internet. You can just log on to the Internet and register as a new user by entering your SSN and establishing a PASSWORD or use a password from an earlier time. Information provided on this site includes: Health Insurance, Pension, Your Personal Finance Center, Your Profile, Life Events, etc.

You can also:

  • Make changes on line.
  • Send questions to a benefits representative.
  • Review your coverage.
  • View your pension payments and tax withholding.

The site URL is:

Contributed by Harry Heller


You may have noticed that last month The Bridge was printed on white paper rather than the more traditional blue. You probably have also noticed that we have started including more pictures in The Bridge. For example, this issue includes pictures of election candidates for the first time in HRC history! We have found that pictures are clearer in black on white (no wonder most newspapers use white paper!). Don't forget you can always view any pictures in The Bridge (and more) in full color on the HRC web site.


This group will help those who need repairs that they cannot do themselves, including minor electrical, carpentry and plumbing problems. You will have the security of having someone you can trust in your house. The cost of material is not covered. The Fix It Guys are Bob, Matt, Dick, John, Mike, Perry, Sam, Paul, Ed, Clint and Gene. Call 602-870-0813.


News from Nurse Nance

Stroke is a medical Emergency: The American Stroke Association gives the following symptoms as causes for concern.
•  Sudden numbness or weakness of the face, arm or leg, especially on one side of the body.
•  Sudden confusion, trouble speaking or understanding.
•  Sudden trouble seeing in one or both eyes.
•  Sudden trouble walking, dizziness, loss of balance or coordination.
•  Sudden severe headache with no known cause

Perhaps a bystander (someone with or without medical knowledge) can be helpful if they remember three simple questions.
•  Ask him/her to smile
•  Ask him/her to raise both arms
•  Ask him/her to speak a simple sentence

If he/she has trouble with any of these tasks, call 9-1-1 immediately and describe the symptoms to the dispatcher. For additional stroke information, call the American Stroke Association at 1-888-4stroke or

Contributed by Judy Nance, RN




  • Spring Picnic – March 9 at North Mountain Park, noon to 4 PM. Bring a dish to share, socialize & have fun.
  • Kartchner Caverns/Fort Huachuca – March 16-18, overnight in Benson. Call to check on space availability.
  • Jerome, Museum, and History – March 28, private tour and presentation. Call if you need a carpooling ride.

Check for details below; we hope you will attend all these great events!


Spring Picnic: Wednesday, March 9


North Mountain Park – Havasupai Ramada


Noon to 4 PM – Lunch served at 12:30 PM


Shirley Krieger 602-942-4235
Don Roeber 623-561-0678


NO CHARGE – bring a covered side dish, salad or dessert to share.

Your Honeywell Retirees Club will provide baked ham, rolls, coffee, tea and water. Plates, utensils, condiments, etc. will also be available. Attendees are asked to bring a covered side dish, salad or dessert (per couple or individual). Get out your favorite recipes and prepare your specialty to share with others. There will be no charge to HRC members and guests. The ham will be served hot from roasters that will have been caringly heated by your HRC Board. You may bring your own beer (we will have a beer permit) or soft drinks if you would like, but no glass containers are allowed in the park.

North Mountain Park is just south of the Pointe Hilton at 7 th St. and Peoria. Turn west into the park. The Havasupai Ramada is the second turnoff on your left. Ample and convenient parking is available.

Jerome State Historic Park Monday, March 28


Mike Rollins, Park Manager,
Larry Kelly from HRC


Douglas Mansion, Jerome, AZ


10:00 AM


Ed Frick 623-561-6917 or


Required by March 23

Entry Fee:

$2.40 in advance; $3.00 at the door (Lunch not included)

This is for a private tour and presentation of local history of mining in Jerome, and the family of James S. Douglas at the old Douglas Mansion and museum by Mr. Mike Rollins, Park Manager.

This will be followed by lunch (optional) at a local restaurant and an informal discussion of personal reflections of life in the “old days in Arizona” by Larry Kelly, formerly of Honeywell/Bull whose ancestors came to Arizona in the late 1800's, some of whom lived in Jerome. Attendees may want to make their own contributions on the “old days”. After the visit, you may want to visit the local shops.

We will try carpooling for this event. Those who would be willing to drive and take others, and those who might like a ride, contact Ed Frick (see above).

Kartchner Caverns/Fort Huachuca March 16-18



Benson and Fort Huachuca, AZ


Virginia Clagett 602-992-4204


Required – contact event coordinator Virginia Clagett

NOTICE : There is a change in the Kartchner Caverns tours times and dates due to issues with the Park reservations. If you are planning to participate in this activity, Virginia Clagett will be contacting you. Also please read the new information below. It's not too late to join in these activities.

Participants will drive to Benson in separate cars, some are carpooling. It is approximately a three hour drive from Phoenix. Some have asked about a van or bus, but we do not meet the minimums for this. Some will go a day earlier and others will join the group on the second day.

There are RV campgrounds for those who prefer those accommodations. A block of rooms has been reserved under the name of the Honeywell Retiree Club for March 15 and 16 at the Holiday Inn Express, 630 South Village Loop, Benson, AZ 85602, 520-586-1370. Some may now want to stay on the 17 th also. We have been quoted a per night room rate of $79 plus tax vs. the standard $109 plus tax. Please call right away to reserve your rooms. Contact Virginia if you have problems.

Our tours of the Big Room of the Kartchner Caverns will be on March 16 & 17 at three different times. The length of the tour is ½ mile and takes 1¾ hours and is wheelchair accessible. Tour cost is $22.95 per person that includes entry into the park. Backpacks, purses, etc. are not allowed in the caverns due to the close proximity of the cavern. Also, pictures are not allowed inside the cavern.

Tours at Fort Huachuca are available on March 16, 17 or 18. We'll tour the Museum and Annex with its displays of the Apache Wars, Buffalo Soldiers, Pershing's Expedition and Ft. Huachuca's role in WWII training. We'll also tour the U.S. Army Intelligence Museum that includes a 12' x 10' segment of the Berlin Wall, an early code machine, surveillance drones, and other intelligence gathering equipment. Entrance to both museums is free. Each person will need two forms of picture identification to enter Ft. Huachuca to participate in this tour as it is an active military post.

Some have asked if they can participate in just the Fort Huachuca portion of this trip – absolutely YES! In fact, there are a number of other interesting things in this area which you may want to work in. For example, the Amerind Foundation, a world-class Native American museum, is just 15 miles east of Benson. The Singing Wind Bookshop (2 miles north of Benson) and the nearby Sonoita Vineyards are other ideas.

Although this activity got a bit more complicated due to a reservations mix-up, we can now be quite flexible to accommodate your interests on this activity.

Annual Meeting Wednesday, April 27



Arrowhead Country Club
19888 N. 73rd Ave., Glendale, AZ


April 27 from 9:30 to 11:30 a.m.


$8 per person for members and their guest
$12 per person for non-members and guests


Breakfast buffet


Make checks payable to “Treasurer HRC” and mail to HRC

This is our annual gathering to elect our leadership, conduct any other club business and socialize with old and new friends. We will provide directions and additional details in The Bridge next month.


Spring Golf Outing Monday May 2


Tatum Ranch Golf Club
29888 N. Tatum Ranch Dr., Cave Creek, AZ 85331 [Just SOUTH of Cave Creek and Tatum intersection]


$45 for green fees, carts, prize money, & lunch

Guests are Welcome


Shotgun start at 8:30 AM with lunch to follow. Check-in will be at 8 AM for cart assignment. Proper golf attire required: soft spike shoes, shirts with collars and no Levis. We will use established handicaps [AGA] and CALLOWAY only for those that do not have handicaps. As in the past we will play team scores, using selected holes to determine the aggregate team score. WHEN SUBMITTING YOUR ENTRY, PLEASE INCLUDE AGA HANDICAP NUMBER NEXT TO THE PERSON'S NAME. If you do not do this, we will have to use CALLOWAY to determine handicap. If you do not have a foursome, send in the form below with the number of players you have and foursomes will be randomly filled in.


Must be in by APRIL 25 . Make checks [non-refundable] payable to the “Honeywell Retiree Club”.

Mail to:

Dale Wendt , 7540 E Becker Lane, Scottsdale, AZ 85260

FOR 90 – 100 PLAYERS.


Holiday Party December 2


The Elks Club (same place as last year)


Lorri Jordan 480-473-1335

This is the night to put on your best dress and dancing shoes – and for your guy a red vest – and come join us for the second annual HRC Holiday Dinner Dance. We had a great time last year and are planning more for this year – PLUS lots of great door prizes. The buffet they serve is really a tasty treat – plenty for seconds, too, and a dessert table to die for!

Mark your calendars for this festive party and watch future issues of The Bridge for additional details

Alaska Cruise (Sperry/Honeywell)
June 19-26


Barbara Rippstein




June 19 through 26, 2005


Princess Cruise Lines

Stateroom prices:



Ocean View

$1500 P/P


$1680 P/P        

Our cruise leaves Seattle on June 19, 2005 visiting Ketchikan, Juneau, Skagway, Victoria, and British Columbia and cruising the Tracy Arm.  A couple of cabins in each price category are still available, if you hurry.  Call our travel agent, Marilyn Lohf at 623-487-1700 for reservations.  The above prices include cruise fare, port charges, taxes, government fees, private welcome party, and $25.00 P/P on-board credit.  The price DOES NOT include transportation to and from Seattle or gratuities.

Note to those already signed up: Princess has told us that the last shuttle from the airport on June 19 leaves at 2 pm.  So, if you are planning on flying up on that morning, plan an early flight. You can now make the shore excursion reservations, if you wish.  Visit to review the shore excursions available.  The list will also be mailed to you with the cruise data. Final payments are due March 29.

If you have any questions, call Barbara Rippstein at 623-566-1572 or email at



Genealogy: February 8


Gene Leber gave an informative presentation February 8 regarding Genealogy and the various websites available to use at the Family History Centers of the LDS organization.

The 17 attendees were able to log onto the 8 computers available at the Family History Center located in Sun City. Members of the center helped answer questions to improve the usefulness of their session.


See color pictures of other past events: click here