Volume 21, Number 3
November, 2004
The Bridge
November 2004


Honeywell Retiree's Club Holiday Dinner Dance

Date: December 3, 2004

Time: 6:00 p.m. Cocktail & Friendship Renewal
7:00 p.m. Dinner & Dancing

Cash bar all evening

Place: The Elks Club
14424 N. 32nd Street
Phoenix, AZ 85032

Make your reservations TODAY!

$30.00 per member
$30.00 spouse/guest of member
$35.00 for all other non-members
Reserve an entire table for you and your friends for even more fun!

Mail your check only to HRC
Call 480 473-1335 for additional information


The past month was a busy one for the Honeywell Retirees Club starting with a meeting on October 6 th to announce details of the June 2005 Alaskan cruise. If you missed the meeting, please check this issue of The Bridge for updated information. An excellent session on computer protection was held October 12 th . The Octoberfest picnic on October 20 th received rave reviews and a great time was had on the Mexico cruise on October 25 th through 29 th .

Please review this copy of the Bridge for more detailed accounts of some of the past activities and of coming events. The Verde Canyon Railroad trip is happening on November 6 th about the same time as this issue is going to press. The November 22 nd golf event at Arrowhead Ranch still has some openings if you act quickly. You need to be seen at the gala Holiday Dinner Dance that is being held on December 3 rd at the Elks Club at 14424 North 32 nd Street. Many friends, great food and a wonderful dance band will surely provide you with a running start for the festive holiday season.

This year we are continuing a listing of all the coming events that are planned with the intent to provide you with a one page list that you can cut out and post in a convenient place to remind you of the scheduled events for your HRC. This issue also includes a complete e-mail listing which you may want to save for reference.

We are extremely sorry that for a second year in a row we suffered an outage of the hot line at 602-313-5050. It was not working properly for a short time in October and some of your messages may not have been received if you called in with questions or inputs for the Board of Directors. The hot line has been fixed as of October 29 th and is now operational again. The e-mail hotline, hotline@hrcaz.org, was not affected and continues as another alternative for your use.

Our HRC website, www.hrcaz.org, is being managed by Russ Henzel . He has loaded some members' pictures and artwork to brighten up the pages. The Bridge articles are posted there monthly along with coming events that may be of interest to you. If you have the Internet available, take a look and give us your feedback.

Don Roeber


Honeywell Retiree Club (HRC) active membership is open to Honeywell retirees with a membership fee of $3 per year, which is from May 1st to the following April 30th. This entitles you to receive our newsletter, The Bridge, and participate in club activities and functions and to be a voting member. See your address label to determine your dues status. We encourage that these low annual dues be paid for multiple years to save cost and effort.

In an effort to keep in touch with our members' families, a class of membership called associate members was created within HRC. Associate members are the spouses of deceased Honeywell retirees who were HRC members. Associate members pay no membership fee and are non-voting members, but receive The Bridge and are eligible to participate in club activities and functions.

As you may know there are various Honeywell retiree clubs, i.e., Honeywell Retiree Club, Sperry Retiree Club , Allied Retiree Club and a GE Retiree Club. While some of these clubs may limit membership, we accept members from all who have had ties to either the old or the new Honeywell. You may want to join more than one group to maintain contact with your Honeywell friends from your working years.

New retirees: you are receiving an initial complimentary copy of our newsletter, The Bridge. You are cordially invited to join our club. Dues are $3.00 per year and entitle you to nine issues of this newsletter, plus low cost admission to the many functions our club has each year. We encourage that these low annual dues be paid for multiple years to save cost and effort. Make your check payable to the Treasurer, Honeywell Retiree Club and mail to: Honeywell, Mail Drop XO, 2500 W. Union Hills Drive, Phoenix, AZ 85027-5139. We hope to hear from you in the very near future.

19th Annual Honeywell Marketing and Friends Reunion

The 19th Annual Honeywell Marketing and Friends Reunion will be held on Saturday, December 18th, 2004. The Home Town Buffet located at the northwest corner of Interstate 17 and Bell Road is the location. The reunion begins on or about 11:30 A.M. and continues until the last person leaves. Lunch is at your own expense but the good times are free. We hope to see you there.

Contributed by Stan & Carol Plunkett


This group will help those who need repairs that they cannot do themselves, including minor electrical, carpentry and plumbing problems. You will have the security of having someone you can trust in your house. The cost of material is not covered. The Fix It Guys are Bob, Matt, Dick, John, Mike, Perry, Sam, Paul, Clint and Gene. Call 602-870-0813.

I would like to express my thoughts to you wonderful Fix It Guys . I've had to call on you for several different jobs I was unable to do myself. Thanks especially to Bob and Gene for faucet repairs and the sliding mirror. You are wonderful to take your precious time from your daily activities to come and help us older people. Bless you for your kindness.

Sincerely, Elizabeth

I am overwhelmed and very appreciative of the help Bob gave to me yesterday. He was fantastic! He fixed 6 problems in no time with no excuses as to why “it couldn't be done!” You can't imagine how I felt after putting up with inept, overcharging service personnel the past 2 years. Thank you ever so much.



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Security information

At a recent neighborhood meeting one of the presentations was by a member of the Glendale Police Department who provided some information that we all should be aware of. He said one should not have information in your car such that if someone broke into it they would know where you live -- name and address. If you are at the movies or shopping at the mall, they would drive to your house and expect that no one would be home and kick in the door. Of course, if you have your garage door opener in your car and have a direct entry to the house from the garage, it is like an open door.

The police recommend that all information with your name and address not be kept so as to be easily available.  In Arizona we are required to carry proof of insurance and title (registration) in our cars. Hide it under the mat in the trunk, under a floor mat or in a sealed plastic bag under the hood so you can get it if necessary. Also, remember to remove all those other miscellaneous identifying papers.

Contributed by Wally Klovstad


Occasionally we hear people ask about the prices for our HRC events. As retirees with fixed incomes, we are all careful about spending and hopeful that prices will not increase. Most of the time that is not possible or realistic. In recent years however, the HRC has never collected more money for an event than was actually spent on that event. As an example, the recently completed Octoberfest cost over $8 per person – well above the $5 charged members and even more than the $7 for guests. The Club is often able to provide events below cost to our members because of 1) your annual dues, 2) many years of conservative management, 3) some support from Honeywell, 4) interest on accumulated funds, and 5) the all volunteer effort of the officers and members. It might be noted that the more people who participate, the lower the cost per person for each event. Therefore, everyone shares the benefits of an active and involved membership.

Another comparison of how the HRC events have remained a great value comes from the Dec 1991 issue of The Bridge :

“Plans for the Spring Picnic were approved by the Board. The date is Wednesday, March 18, 1992 ; the place is Sahuaro Ranch Park. Arrangements are being made for a catered burger and hot-dog barbecue with all the extras. Price is $6.00 per person.”

Contributed by Don Roeber & John Nance


A weather forecast for rain, wind and cold did not deter over 80 of our loyal members and guests from attending our annual Octoberfest cookout at North Mountain Park on October 20th. The late afternoon event hosted by your Directors and led by Don & Nancy Roeber and Harry & Joie Heller, featured hamburgers, bratwursts, sauerkraut, hot German potato salad and cookies. Highlight of the evening was the 10-piece Krug-un-kraut Band playing and singing old favorite German dance tunes for listening and dancing. Door prizes topped off the evening, made even more wonderful as the forecasted storm failed to materialize. Visit the HRC web site (www.hrcaz.org) to see pictures of the event. You may see yourself there!!

Special thanks go to retiree member Mel Linberg who arranged for and played in the band, and grill cooks Harry Heller and Ted Rees and other members for helping with the event. All members are encouraged to come out and join us for the next picnic event to be held in March. As always, friends and guests are welcome.



Members are encouraged to become familiar with our website: www.hrcaz.org. We are developing more and more interesting information you may find very useful. Have you checked out the following:

Did you misplace your copy of The Bridge? Have you forgotten the time or location of an activity that you wanted to attend? Check the website for the latest activity schedule and a copy of The Bridge.


The HRC e-mail list, included in the print version of the November Bridge, is provided as a service to members who wish to keep in touch with past co-workers and friends. The correctness of this list depends on you. Please take a minute to check your address in the list for accuracy. Send any changes to hotline@hrcaz.org . If you would like your e-mail address added to or deleted from this list, let us know. Names in bold type are additions or corrections since the last publication and we only include HRC members on this list. This e-mail address information will not be made available on our web site. Tear out the center page of The Bridge and save it for reference.

Successful Mexican Cruise

On October 25, 2004, a beautiful California Coast day, 48 Honeywell Retirees boarded the "Monarch of the Sea" in Los Angeles and set sail for San Diego.  Upon arrival in San Diego many retirees disembarked the ship to explore various sites. Near the dock were several old ships converted to museums, including the sailing ship “Star of India".  Due to lack of interest the winery tour was cancelled, much to the chagrin of Mollie and Virginia.

As we set a course for Catalina a major storm developed with lots of wind and rain. Arriving in Catalina the ship is too large to dock on the island, so many brave retirees weathered the gangplank to board the Transporter to Catalina Island to view the bison, shop and explore. Others stayed on board to enjoy FOOD, FOOD AND MORE FOOD with bingo thrown in between food courses. The scary cliff side bus ride on Catalina to see the bison was not very memorable due to lots of rain. Early afternoon the Captain had to suspend any further treks to the island due to high seas but everyone was returned safely in spite of the rock and roll seas.

The “Monarch” set sail at 5:00 p.m. for Ensenada, Mexico. That evening we enjoyed a nice cocktail party compliments of our travel agency, as well as a formal Captain's dinner. All of our retirees looked splendid in their formal wear. Many had formal portraits taken that were later hung in the ship's Rogues Gallery for everyone to view and purchase.

Ensenada was a shopper's delight (for wives, if not all husbands). Several retirees also took tours of Mexico enjoying a Mexican Fiesta.  Returning to the ship, we departed promptly at 5:00 p.m. The ship sails with or without you, so everyone was very attentive to returning on time. All enjoyed the last night when our servers were introduced and did the Mambo. Some of our HRC Board Members demonstrated how well they could also do the Mambo with the employees. It was a great show with lots of laughter.

Food and entertainment for the cruise scored a high 10. Returning to Los Angeles on October 29th we all disembarked several pounds heavier, but very relaxed and happy. All of our group cleared customs with many packages. One spouse was overheard to say, "I only came along to be the package carrier", but then laughed. A great time was had by all.

Contributed by Shirley Krieger

Programs and Events 2004/5

Update on Living Trusts and Wills - Tuesday, December 7, 2004

Speaker: William Asdell  
  – an experienced Tucson trust attorney
Where: Honeywell Union Hills Facility
  2500 W. Union Hills Drive, Phoenix
Time: 9:30 AM Check in (Main lobby): 10 AM start
Event Coordinator: Shirley Krieger 602-942-4235 or sk121carck@cox.net
Reservations: Requested, but not required

Wills and probate can be an involved process, in many cases taking more than 1 year. Depending on the value of one's estate, probate costs and estate taxes could be a heavy burden for one's heirs to pay.

An alternative to wills and the probate process is a “Living Trust”. Although a Living Trust may not be appropriate in all instances, it is designed to maintain privacy, avoid time and expense of probate and should allow for controlled and speedy administration of assets during lifetime and after death, even after becoming physically or mentally incapacitated.

The advantages of trusts vs. wills will be discussed as well as updates to current laws regarding these. There will be time for Q&A.


When: Monday, November 22, 2004  
  19888 N. 73rd Ave., Glendale, AZ
  (Just SE of 75 th Ave. and 101 Freeway)

Cost: $45 for green fees, carts, prize money and lunch.

Guests are welcome !

Time: Shotgun start at 8:00 a.m. with lunch to follow. Check-in will be at 7:30 a.m. for cart assignment. Proper golf attire required: soft spiked shoes, shirts with collars and no Levi's. We will play a modified best ball scramble format.

Payment must be in by Nov. 13. If you do not have a foursome, send in the form below with the number of players you have and foursomes will be randomly filled in. Make checks (non-refundable) payable to the “Honeywell Retiree Club”. Please respond ASAP as we are committed for 100 players.

Names: 1- __________________________________________  
  2- __________________________________________  
  3- __________________________________________  
  4- __________________________________________  

Check enclosed for $45 X _____players = $_____________

Mail to: Dale Wendt  
  7540 E. Becker Lane  
  Scottsdale, AZ 85260  

Questions? Call Dale at 480-922-1402


Call friends, neighbors, and fellow retirees and have them sign up for our Laughlin overnight trip.

Depart: Tuesday, Jan. 18, 2005  
Return: Wednesday, Jan. 19, 2005
Hotel: Colorado Belle
Price: $30 per person double, $40 per person single
Includes: Bus transportation, room for one night at Colorado Belle, and two meals per person and fun book

We will park in the South area of the Honeywell parking lot (Union Hills and I-17), and board the bus at 6:30 am on Tuesday. We will also pick up at the Sun City Senior Center at 99th Avenue and Bell Road at 7:00 am on Tuesday. We will return by 9:00 pm Wednesday night

Reservations must be in by Jan. 1, 2005. Send your check, payable to Honeywell Retirees Club, to:

Dale Wendt, 7540 E. Becker Lane, Scottsdale, AZ 85260

Also, with your check, please enclose a note stating your preference for sleeping accommodations (e.g., one king bed or two queen beds, smoking/non-smoking, etc.) and which pickup location you will be at on Tuesday morning.

PS: If you have a favorite video movie you would like to share with your traveling companions, bring it with you and we will show it on the bus entertainment system.

Alaska Cruise, June 19-26, 2005

Princess Cruise Lines Ship: The Sapphire Princess  
Stateroom prices:   Category
  Inside $1040 P/P JJ
  Ocean View $1500 P/P D
  Balcony $1680 P/P BB

Our cruise leaves Seattle on June 19, 2005 visiting Ketchikan, Juneau, Skagway, Victoria, British Columbia and cruising the Tracy Arm. The above prices include cruise fare, port charges, taxes, government fees, private welcome party, and $25.00 P/P on-board credit. The prices do NOT include transportation to and from Seattle or gratuities. These prices will stay open until January 10, 2005. However, the number of cabins at our group rate is limited. Half of the cabins are already booked. Don't miss out on getting the cabin you want. Book now. Call our travel agent, Marilyn Lohf, at 623-487-1700.

If you have any questions, call our coordinator: Barbara Rippstein at 623-566-1572.

By Judy Nance, R.N.

Confronting Colds and Flu: To avoid catching colds or flu, keep a distance from people who are sick. Realize that germs enter your body when your hands come in contact with surfaces that harbor viruses and bacteria, like a telephone or doorknob, then touch your eyes, nose, mouth, or even the food you eat. Germs stand less of a chance when you wash your hands frequently and also drink plenty of water to flush out your system. Getting enough rest, getting moderate exercise, and getting a grip on stress are three more ways to boost your immunity. It is also important to eat a sensible diet including plenty of antioxidant-rich fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and beans with moderate amounts of fat will help keep your immune system healthy.

Dr. Andrew Weil also suggests a daily multi-vitamin/mineral (though there's not much evidence that extra vitamin C helps prevent either colds or flu).

The flu shot is recommended for people over 65 or persons with chronic health problems. It is also recommended for persons who want to prevent the flu, however, with the limited supplies of flu vaccine use the above-mentioned preventive measures. It is also advisable to cover coughs and sneezes with tissues (use once) and if tissues are not available, use your sleeve. Do not use hands to block sneezes or coughs unless you wash your hands immediately afterwards. It is advisable during flu season to avoid hugging or hand shaking.

If you get the flu there are several antiviral prescriptions that can help shorten the illness and lessen its severity, if taken within the first two days after your symptoms appear.

Dr. Weil suggests some herbal products. Visit his web site: www.drweilselfhealing.com

The Control of Communicable Diseases in Man by Abram S. Benenson states the mode of flu transmission is by direct contact through droplet infection; airborne spread among crowded populations in enclosed spaces. The influenza virus can persist for hours in dried mucus and be transmitted by direct contact.

Information from Dr. Andrew Weil's “Self Healing” Nov. 2004 and The Control of Communicable Diseases in Man.