Volume 20, Number 8

The Bridge

       April, 2004

President's Perspective

As we approach the HRC end of fiscal year on April 30, it is with a great deal of pride that we look back at a very full program of activities and an enthusiastic and participative membership in 2003/2004. The input that we received from you, our membership, at last years annual meeting provided a basis for good attendance at sessions that our program committee organized.

On March 30, a super tour of the Tent City jail was enjoyed by a group of our retirees. Accompanied by an enthusiastic and knowledgeable guide and three very impressive looking guards, the tour went inside and viewed the areas of the Estrella jail and the prisoners in their normal activities. Tent living sure doesn't make you want to break into jail.

Please consider attending our annual meeting on Tuesday, April 20 at Moon Valley Country Club. New directors and officers will be announced after the vote count at the meeting as well as the results of the revised By-Laws proposal. Our feedback from last years meeting was that the accommodations and food were great and a good time was had in seeing friends and acquaintances from our Honeywell working days. We will again be seeking your advice via a survey at the meeting regarding what programs you want to see added for the 2004/2005 year. We would also urge you to use our phone hot line or our e-mail address to give us your feedback.

Openings still exist for the spring golf outing at Arrowhead Ranch on April 26th . Call Dale Wendt if you would like to play and even if the deadline is passed I am sure he can work you into the schedule (further details in this issue).

Al Longanecker, Scholarship Chair, is working with the three major universities on the final approval for the 3 scholarships that go to close relatives of our members each year.

Some of the activities for next fall have already been planned with the Octoberfest celebration set for Oct 20 and the cruise to California and Mexico on October 25 th to 28 th . The first annual HRC Christmas party will be held on Dec 3. Tables can be reserved starting at this month's annual meeting. Get these on your planning calendar now. Many other events are in the planning stages so keep your eyes peeled to The Bridge in future months.

Don Roeber