Volume 19, Number 9

The Bridge

                  May 2003

President's Perspective

We have just had our first Board of Directors meeting for our 2003/2004- year and I am very excited about the prospects for a great year of activities for our Honeywell Retirees Club. We are utilizing the survey taken at our recent annual meeting at Moon Valley Country Club for possible new events. Over 115 members and guests enjoyed the excellent breakfast buffet and George McNeil's humorous reflections on International Business. Our thanks to those attending, making this a very successful & sociable meeting.

On May 12, we had our second golf outing of the year, with a good time enjoyed by all. Dale Wendt is to be commended for chairing another excellent event. October 28th is already planned as the next retiree golf event, to be held at Estrella Mountain. An Octoberfest picnic is being planned for early fall.

The following events and activities are being considered for our May 2003 to April 2004 fiscal year: Laughlin Trip, Spring Golf Outing, Spring Picnic, Tours of various Phoenix/Arizona area sites, Speakers on High Definition TV, Digital Camera Usage, Travel, Gardening and others. We need the help of the entire membership to support the activities and give us more feedback as to the kind of programs you want to have. We can also always use your help in planning and carrying out these activities. Please give us a call at the Hotline number (602-313-5050), my phone (623-561-0678) or e-mail at dnroeber@cox.net.

For those of you with internet capability, don't forget to go to the website www.hrcaz.org to see the information about your club and to review the schedule of upcoming events. A membership application blank can also be found there for any of your friends from the Honeywell companies who are not currently members. You might also check out http://www.honeywell.com/retiree/ for information on company retiree related issues.

Have a great summer season and we will be seeing you all come fall!!

Don Roeber