Volume 20, Number 5

The Bridge

           January, 2004

By Judy Nance, R.N.

Warding off Alzheimer’s:

Eating fish and other sources of omego-3 fatty acids as well as maintaining a healthy weight as you get older may reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s disease, according to two recent studies. In one study, nursing home residents who ate fish at least once a week were 60% less likely to develop Alzheimer’s than those who rarely or never ate fish. Total intake of omega-3s (which these seniors also got from nuts and oil-based salad dressing) was linked with a lower risk of Alzheimer’s as well). Omega-3s are important components of brain cells and may protect them from the abnormal changes seen in Alzheimer’s (Archives of Neurology, July 2003).

Another study found that women who were overweight at age 70 were more likely to develop Alzheimer’s in their later years, and the risk was greatest for women who were most overweight. It’s unclear if excess weight poses a similar threat to men. Being over weight may affect Alzheimer’s risk by promoting heart disease and diabetes, two conditions that other research has linked with a higher risk of Alzheimer’s. (Archives of Internal Medicine, July 14, 2003) Article from Dr. Andrew Weil’s "Self Healing" creating natural Health for Your Body and Mind. September 2003