Volume 20, Number 3

The Bridge

           November 2003

By Judy Nance, R.N.

Question: Are cleaning products that contain orange oil, like Fantastic Orange Action and Mr. Clean Ultimate Orange better than standard ones?

Answer: Not likely, however, products with citric oils are effective anti-microbial agents meaning they are good at killing harmful bacteria and mold. Citrus products donít do a better cleaning job but may smell better, says food science expert Harold Mcgee. (From Tufts University Health and Nutrition Letter).

Question: If you have been sitting still for a long time on a plane or bus is there risk of clots forming in the leg - and possibly traveling to the heart or lungs?

Answer: Moving your legs at least once an hour during travel is an important part of preventing deep vein thrombosis (however, this is a rather uncommon condition). You can exercise in your seat, such as flexing your calf muscles and ankles, and walk around, if possible. Both keep blood flowing. Drinking plenty of fluids helps blood circulation also. People who have history of clots, cancer or have recently undergone surgery should take extra care to increase circulation. (From Tufts University Health and Nutrition Letter).

Remember your flu shot (needed yearly) and Pneumonia Shot (every five years for those over age 60 or those with chronic health conditions)