Pima Air & Titan Missile Museums

Twenty-nine people arrived at the Pima Air and Space Museum on April 6 after surviving the challenge of waiting on Interstate 10 about 1 hours due to a gravel spill at the Casa Grande exit. The museum was kind enough to wait an extra half hour until all participants arrived.

Our own Bob Preising is involved in the restoration of the B36 restoration project. He arranged for us to be the very first group to tour the restoration area.

Bob and Dave Woods regaled us with stories from their service years such as having to walk through the tail and jumping up and down on the tire wheel while the hatch was open to get the landing gear to go down.

After touring the B-36 restoration area, the tram guide took us on the regular tour of the museum past all sorts of air planes. Afterwards, we could walk through the 390th memorial museum.

Some of us walked through the Air Force One plane that served Presidents Kennedy and Johnson.

Here’s our own President exiting Air Force One:

Twenty-Six stayed overnight in Tucson and went to the Titan Missile Museum the next morning.

Our guide took us down in the silo of the last surviving missile site. He explained all the inner workings. Scott Graff assisted in a simulated launching of the missile.

A good time was had by all.