Instructions for paying for HRSC events online


Click the  left-side Event Payment button at, and you will be taken to an online form. After you enter your information and click Submit, you will be presented with payment choices of credit card, debit card, PayPal, Venmo, and check. If you select Check, you still have to mail your check, but the treasurer will have received your submitted form by email long before your check arrives. If you pay electronically, you will not be charged any fees; it’s just like buying at Amazon, and less costly than paying for event form printing, a check, an envelope and a stamp. You will receive email confirmation of your event payment form entry and your payment.


 Online HRSC event payment FAQs

(1) how do I get started?

Call up the website and click the left-side button named “Event Payment.”

(2) What computers and mobile devices are supported?

All common types of computing device are supported, including those running Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, iPadOS and Android operating systems, and running web browsers such as Chrome, Safari,Edge, Firefox, etc.

(3) Do I need a PayPal account to make online payments?

No; only if you want to pay from an existing PayPal account you have.

(4) Is it secure? Could my credit card information get out?

Yes it is secure.  Payments by credit card, debit card, PayPal or Venmo  are all handled by PayPal, and PayPal uses end-to-end encryption to secure your transactions, using only secure connections to its internet servers. 

In addition, has an SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificate, shown by the url being https instead of just http. SSL encrypts all communications between your browser and a server.

(5) do I have to pay any credit card transaction fees?


No; HRSC pays them.

(6) Can I still pay by check?


Yes, and you have two options. (a) use the payment instructions for the event  in The Bridge and mail a check in in as before, or (b) select the Check option on the online payment page and send your check in by mail, but no paper membership form is needed as the treasurer will receive your form input by email.

(7) Which  credit cards are accepted?


All major credit cards are accepted; if your credit or debit card would be accepted at, it would be accepted for HRSC dues payment.


(8) What electronic payment methods are there other than credit card and debit card?


PayPal and Venmo.


(9) what confirmation will I receive of my form entry and my payment?


You will receive an email from with your form entry details, and an email from PayPal confirming your payment.

(10) Is there any financial benefit to me in paying by credit card instead of by check?


Yes. Firstly you eliminate the costs of form printing, check, envelope and stamp, and then you get whatever rewards your credit card offers, such as airline miles or cash back.


(11) What happens if my browser or computer crashes when I am in the middle of filling in the event payment form or entering credit card information?


Your entered information is lost. When you have your browser/computer running again, you will need to start from the event  form, and then hit Submit to get to the payment page.

(12 What happens if I am interrupted while filling in the event payment form; can I come back later and complete it? how long do I have?

Since there is no sensitive financial information on display, the window will remain open indefinitely, unless your browser times out.

(13) What happens if I am interrupted while entering credit card information? can I come back later and complete it? How long do I have?


Because sensitive financial information is on display, the page will be closed after 5 minutes. Yes, you can come back later, but only up to 5 minutes; after that, you will need to start again from the membership form, and hit Submit to get to the payment page, passing the number of years.

(14) What happens if I lose Internet connection when in the middle of entering event payment form information?

Nothing is lost; you can resume form entry when the Internet returns, unless the outage is so lengthy that your browser times out.


(15) What happens if I lose Internet connection when in the middle of entering credit card information? 

The same as would happen if you were entering it at; a brief loss of Internet will be tolerated, but a longer one may cause the page to close, in which case You will need to start again from the event payment form and hit Submit to get to the payment page, passing the number of years.
(16) Can I use the online event payment form to pay for any event described in The Bridge?
No; this form is for HRSC-sponsored events only, as payments go into the HRSC bank account.